Ioan Griffith Received Restraining Order Against Alice Evans: Report

Ioan Griffith was reportedly given a three-year restraining order against his ex-wife Alice Evans amid allegations that she stalked him and his new girlfriend Bianca Wallace on social media.

“Ioan had no choice but to start a legal fight with Alice,” the source said. daily mail in an article published on Tuesday.

“She became increasingly erratic and apparently intended to ruin his career with her character assassination. He hopes this will put an end to it.”

Griffith, 48, was reportedly present in Los Angeles court to testify for the issuance of an injunction against domestic violence, although Evans, 54, did not appear.

According to the statement, Gruffudd alleges that Evans “used her social media accounts to continue to harass, threaten and disturb both me and my friend Bianca Wallace.”

Gruffudd demanded that Evans not be allowed to post any offensive messages about him or his girlfriend on social media or exchange text messages between the two of them, his girlfriend or their children. He also asked that Evans not contact his employer.

Fantastic Four The actor filed for a restraining order in February seeking to prevent Evans from contacting or coming within 100 yards of him and Wallace.

Gruffudd claimed at the time that Evans “told me repeatedly between August 2020 and our separation on January 1, 2021 that if I left her she would make false public accusations against me, sell false stories about me to the press and destroy me and my career.”

He also claimed that Evans threatened to tell people that he “abused her and her daughters” and that she would “call the police on the phone.” [him]” if he did not comply with her requirements, according to the petitions.

The statement adds that Evans allegedly “threatened to write a fake diary that would reflect the abuse victim and publish the diary; and… threatened to destroy [his] mother.”

Griffith also claimed that Evans harassed him on social media and sent “hundreds of harassing, abusive and threatening messages via text, voice messages, [and] video message” and even sent “threatening emails” to his mother, Margaret Griffiths.

Evans vehemently denied the allegations, stating that his complaint was “a ploy to gain some sort of advantage over me in our divorce proceedings.”

Griffith, who married Evans in 2007, filed for divorce in March 2021 after Evans claimed on Twitter in January of that year that the actor had abandoned their family.

“My beloved husband/soul mate of 20 years… has announced that he is leaving the family as of next week. Me and our little daughters… are very confused and sad. We weren’t given a reason other than that he “doesn’t love me anymore,” she said at the time.

Grifad and Wallace then became Instagram officials in October 2021. A few months later, in January 2022, Evans posted a scathing message about Wallace on social media.

“She wants to drive a stake into my heart. I have never seen such a lack of empathy,” Evans said.

In February, Evans asked the court to grant her custody of their two children, Ella, 12, and Elsie, 8. Griffith hit back by stating that Evans would make fun of his “drooping vagina eyes” in front of their children.

This article originally appeared in New York Post and has been reproduced with permission.

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