Is Ariana Grande getting designer clothes for free despite her $ 200 million fortune?

Ariana Grande is undoubtedly one of the most successful women in Hollywood today. After all, she is a triple threat with her proven ability to sing, dance, and play.

To date, Grande has 12 Grammy nominations and two wins. Not to mention, she also received a lot of praise for her role as pop star Riley Beena in the latest Netflix movie. Don’t look up

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Grande has also become a true fashion icon. In fact, people still can’t stop talking about the Vera Wang dress she wore to the 2018 Met Gala, or the futuristic Atelier Versace dress she wore to the 2016 Billboard Music Awards.


With her net worth of $ 180 million (and it continues to grow), Grande can certainly afford to dress her way.

However, it seems that this pop star / actress sometimes gets designer clothes for free.

Ariana Grande was born to be a fashion star

From the very beginning, people cannot help but pay attention to Grande’s style. This is what stylist Low Roach knew from the beginning.

“Ariana Grande is absolutely iconic,” he said. Page six… “The ponytail is a cult. A-line skirts are considered iconic. Over the knee boots are iconic. For me, this is a formula to play with. “

As Grande grew up, she naturally made some changes to her style. “She’s turning into a fashionista and changing,” Roach said. Teen fashion back in 2016. “When girls become women, their ideology changes, as does their style.”

So when it’s time to tackle Grande’s 2019 outfits for the singer sweetener world tour, Roach said People that he decided to “take her original plan and make it fresh and sublime.”

While Grande’s style has definitely changed over the years, the singer still maintains her love for certain classic fashion looks, especially looks inspired by Jennifer Garner’s romantic comedy. 13 Ongoing 30

This is why fans think Ariana Grande is getting free designer clothes.

Grande paid homage in the past 13 Ongoing 30 dressing like Garner’s Jenna Rink for a scene in her music video for Thanks next… However, as it turned out, the singer hadn’t finished honoring the film yet.

Just last year she made her debut on Sound in the same iconic Versace dress that Garner wore in the movie for Thriller dance sequence.

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Donatella Versace herself confirmed that Grande was wearing the very dress from the movie. “My gorgeous girlfriend @arianagrande in Versace SS03 for her first Sound live stream !!! “- the designer proudly wrote on Instagram.

While Grande could readily purchase the dress, it is likely that Versace happily gifted it to the singer. Meanwhile, it seems that Versace has long planned to give the dress to the singer.

Grande’s stylist, Mimi Cuttrell, reported on Instagram that her look was “in development for six months.”

Grande is also known to have made custom outfits for some of the most high-profile events. For example, in February 2020, the singer wore the most incredible gray tulle Giambattista Valli dress to the Grammy Awards.

Most recently, she also donned a chocolate brown corset dress by Vivienne Westwood during the show’s finale. Sound… Although this possible that Grande paid for her outfits, it is also possible that the designers willingly gave their outfits to the singer.

After all, Grande is undoubtedly one of the best endorsers one can dream of. We will remind, the singer was appointed ambassador of the Givenchy and Reebok brands.

Ariana Grande also became the subject of fashion controversy a few years ago.

While Grande is commonly praised for her style, it seems like she has rubbed others wrong in the past as well.

It all started when the singer herself filed a complaint against fashion brand Forever 21 for allegedly promoting goods using a model that looks “strikingly similar” to Grande.

The trial also showed that Forever 21 tried to partner with the singer. in the past, but, as her lawyers explained, “the proposed approval deal never materialized because the amounts Forever 21 offered to pay for the right to use Miss Grande’s name and image were insufficient for an artist of her level.”

Instead, the singer’s legal team also stated that the brand “falsely hinted at Ms Grande’s endorsement by hiring a lookalike model and posting photographs of the model in clothes and accessories that resemble the clothes she wore in Ms Grande’s music videos …”

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News of the trial also prompted Farrah Moan to accuse the singer of “stealing” her image from RuPaul. Drag Racing All Stars

“Ariana has to give me some of that 10 million because her team literally sent my photo to a designer and paid them to copy my image with as4. (I finally met the designer and told Chaika), ”the transvestite wrote on Twitter. “I think it’s okay to steal from queer artists for profit, although [sic]”

At the same time, fashion watcher Diet Prada also accused the singer of “appropriating a black aesthetic.” An Instagram account posted Grande’s alleged mood board for sweetener world tour, noting that “72% of the four-page [sic] the document shows black women as a benchmark. “

In response, Roach wrote on Instagram: “This mood board was created by me (black [sic] man) for her. So i [I] steal from my own culture ??? “

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