Is everyone busy in 2021?

Teen comedy Cruel Girls It premiered in 2004 and is still a big hit 17 years later. The film certainly became one of the most popular teen classics of the 2000s, and it certainly opened the door to stars like Rachel McAdams, Amanda Seyfried and Lindsay Lohan.

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Today, we take a look at how busy the cast is. Cruel Girls It is in 2021. If you’ve ever wondered which actors appeared in projects this year and who didn’t – keep scrolling to find out!

Lindsay Lohan appeared in a show (+ two upcoming projects)

We are ending the list with the actress. Lindsay Lohan. Who portrayed Cady Heron in the 2004 teen comedy. In 2021, Lohan can be seen in an episode of the adult animated comedy show. Devil May Care. In which he called Ziva. According to IMDb page., The actress currently has two upcoming projects – an untitled Lindsay Lohan / Netflix project she is currently filming, and an announced film. Cursed.

Jonathan Bennett appeared in one show and four films (+ five upcoming projects)

Next on the list is Jonathan Bennett, who photographed Aaron Samuels. Cruel Girls. This year the actor can be seen playing the role of Michael Williams in the action drama show. Station 19. And he also appeared in movies. Take me to Tarzana., American potato dreams., A country romance., And Blue call. According to IMDb page., Bennett currently has five upcoming projects – snow-fall Which is completed, Fire Island. And Sixth day Which are in post production, دوثی۔ Which is in pre-production, and. Upset Which had just been announced.

Rachel McAdams appeared in a show (+ two upcoming projects)

Let’s move on Rachel McAdams. Who played Regina George in the famous teen movie. In 2021, McAdams could be heard as the voice behind Christine Palmer on the animated anthology show. what if…?.

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According to IMDb page., The actress currently has two upcoming projects – Dr. Ajib in the multitude of madness And Are you god there This is me, Margaret., Both are in post production.

Tina appeared in three shows and two films (+ one upcoming project)

Tina Fei played Ms. Sharon Norbury. Cruel Girls Is next. This year, the actress can be seen in shows like. Saturday night live., Only murder in the building., And Girls 5 Eva. Along with movies 22 vs. Earth. And Free cow. According to IMDb page., Actress currently has an upcoming project – Maggie Moore Which is currently being filmed.

Tim Meadows appeared in seven shows and two short films (+ an upcoming project).

Next on the list is Tim Meadows, who played the role of Principal Ron Dowell in the teen classic of the 2000s. The actor can be seen in shows this year. Bless the hearts., No activity., Miracle worker., Ultra City Smiths, Brooklyn Nine Nine., Batman: Audio Adventures., And Gold Briggs. Along with short films John Brunco ​​rode again. And Really cool conversation club.. According to Meadows IMDb page., Currently has an upcoming project – animated movie. Source City Which is in post production.

Lacey Chabert appeared in a show and a movie (+ an upcoming project)

Let’s move on to Lacey Chabert, who played Gretchen Weiner. Cruel Girls. This year, the actress will be seen playing the role of Tess Harper in the crime drama show. Crossword Mystery Along with acting in a television movie. Sweet carolina. According to Chabert. IMDb profile, It currently has an upcoming project – Acres beyond Ray. Which was recently announced.

Lizzie Kaplan has two upcoming projects.

Lizzie Kaplan who played Janice Ian. Cruel Girls Is next. So far, the actress has not been seen in any film or show in 2021 but according to her. IMDb page., It has two upcoming projects.

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One of them is the show. Inside the job In which she will play the role of Reagan Ridley and the second film. کوب ویب. Both projects are currently in post production.

Amanda Seyfried appeared in a movie (+ three upcoming projects)

Next on the list. Amanda Seyfried. Who played the role of Karen Smith in the teen film. This year, Seyfried can be seen in a horror movie. Things heard and seen.. According to IMDb page., The actress currently has three upcoming projects – movies. A mouthful of wind And Bird watching, Both that have been completed, and the miniseries. Drop out Which is in post production.

Daniel Franz has an upcoming project.

Let’s move on to Daniel Franz, who plays Damien Lee. Cruel Girls. Like Lizzie Kaplan, Frances could not be seen in anything, at least until 2021. However, according to him. IMDb page., The actor has an upcoming project – film. Hypnotized. Which is complete

Finally, Anna Gastier appeared in three shows (+ two upcoming projects)

And last but not least, Anna Gestier, who played the role of Betsy Hero in the famous 2004 film. In 2021, the actress could be seen (or heard) in shows Mickey Mouse mixed adventures, Gold Briggs., And Bless the hearts.. According to IMDb page., Gastier currently has two upcoming projects – Film. A Clüsterfünke Christmas. Which is being filmed, and the show. American Auto Which is in pre-production.

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