Is Flu Rada still making music? He has been doing everything since his last album.

At one time, Flu Rada was one of the most lucrative hip-hop stars around him. The height of hip hop and dance pop Types of time Back in the 2000s, in the 2010s.There was no party without Flu Rada’s music. Shortly after the release of his debut album. Mail on Sunday. In 2008, the Carroll City rapper became one of the best-selling rappers ever.

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“It’s been a while since we last heard from Flu Rada, at least when it comes to releasing albums,” he said. His last record, Wild people, Was released in 2012, and it’s been almost a decade. So, what has he been up to so far? Is the fifth album happening? How did this Eurovision come about?

Fluorida appeared in WWE’s WrestleMania XXVIII.

In the same year. Wild peopleFluorida made her WWE debut on the stage of WrestleMania XXVIII to further promote the record. He had a nasty fight before hitting the wall against Kurt Hawkins, and Tyler Rex, and Heath Slater. Before The Rock’s match against John Cena, the rapper performed “Wild Ones” and then “Good Feeling”.

Released a special EP ‘Good Sense’

Later, the rap star released an EP title. Good feeling Especially for fans in Australia. The EP was released to commemorate his upcoming tour, which includes some of his most successful films, as well as several remixes of Carl Trucks and Jay Walker’s favorites. It ranks 12th on the Australian chart and fifth on the New Zealand chart.

Sage Gemini recruited for his 2015 EP ‘My House’

However, the lack of a new album does not mean that Florada has stopped making music altogether. After appearing in a series of musical collabs, Flora recruited Sage Gemini for his 2015 EP. my house. It was a huge success, with the track title becoming the rapper’s tenth top 10 hit in the United States. As of this writing, the “My Home” music video has garnered over 300 million views on YouTube.

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Fluorida liked Pitbull and Lunch with Money Lewis for ‘Green Light’

One of the most notable contributions Fluorida has made so far during this period is her contact with fellow Miami rappers Pitbull and Lynch Money Lewis at Greenlight. Issued from the tenth LP of Mr. 305. Climate changeDespite the small commercial success, the song received positive reviews.

“Growing up in Miami, having these different cultures, and being influenced by music in so many ways has given me a very long career,” the rapper said. an interview About proving critics wrong during his career. “I think the fact is that I’m like a chameleon that owns its own land.”

Partnered with a startup company.

Many celebrities have jumped on the latest NFT Hype train, including Flu Rada. In August of this year, it co-founded a startup company focused on music streaming and NFT trading. Flu, whose real name is Trimmer Dellard, co-founded Emersio Entertainment, a subsidiary of Winsco Ventures, with David J. Kovacs and Eric Hicks.

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“I can’t be more excited about my e-NFT platform because as an artist and entrepreneur, This is a dream come trueThe rapper said as reported. Forbes, The company is excited about what it will store in the future. “This is undoubtedly the next iteration of technology and creativity, and I am pleased to announce that Emerson is pushing the boundaries of music that has never been seen before.”

Fluorida participated in the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest.

This year, Fluorida joined the stage of the Eurovision Song Contest with Italian singer Sean Heath, representing her native San Marino. Just two days before the second semi-final, the rap star revealed that he would be joining the couple on stage to perform “Cole” Adrenalina. He gave a great performance, amazing chemistry on stage that the competition has never seen.

“The people of the Senate reached out to my people. Singing is high energy, which I love,” he said. Radio 1 News Beat, Talking a lot about the self-made freaky queen.

Flu Rada was rumored to be dating singer Ashanti.

Talking about his personal life, the rapper has always tried to keep it on DL. This year, however, Peps saw her relaxing with singer Ashanti in Cancun, sparking rumors of a dating between the two.

However, the singer quickly set the record straight and closed all the doors to possible rumors. He revealed that the holiday was on his younger sister’s birthday, writing on Instagram, “Flu is my brother! We are family! My sister is celebrating iltliltuneshi bday !!! Happy birthday bank!”

He is preparing his fifth album.

So, what’s next for the flu in terms of music? The rap star is pointing to his upcoming fifth album from 2017 and often posts progress updates on upcoming records. The latest update is that the album was “88 done” in April last year, and we haven’t yet seen what the “Low” rapper has.

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