Is Ice Cube still making music? The former NWA rapper has stuck to everything since his last album.

Once upon a time is, Ice cubes Hip Hop was one of the most famous songwriters I have ever seen. Cube, originally from O’Shea Jackson Sr., California, rose to prominence in the late 1980s thanks to her association with the rap group NWA. With the likes of Dr. Drey, MC Rain, DJ Ella, and the late EZE, the NWA maintained its nickname of ‘World’s Most Dangerous Group’, which despite restrictions at almost every station in the states. Sold millions of records.

However, Ice Cube left the group, which later made a name for itself and formed a successful solo career. Since then, he has been releasing ten studio albums, including the latest Corruption of every thing, Releasing in 2018. The last time hip hop heard music from Ice Cube, so what is he doing?

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Ice Cube formed a rap supergroup.

Last year, Ice Cube recruited several OGs from the game, such as Snoop Dogg, E-40, and Too Short to form a supergroup, Mount Westmore. Collectively, Dr. Drew is tapping into his upcoming 2021 debut album.

“I get calls from E-40s and ice cubes during the early part of the quarantine, ‘Dude, we feel like we have to make an album,'” he said in a very brief interview.

Focus on your Big 3 Basketball League.

Back in 2017, Cube and Entertainment executive Jeff Cotnetz launched the 3 on 3 Basketball League with several former NBA stars. Branded as the Big 3, the competition consists of 12 teams with a number of unique rules that set it apart from regular basketball competitions. Since Cube released his latest album, he seems to be busy promoting the Big Three among basketball fans.

“As a fan, I want to see the guys I know who have taken these abilities to a higher level, keep playing at a higher level.” “I knew there was a kind of vacuum in the industry and the right league would work.”

However, not everything goes smoothly for the rapper. Since the beginning of his career, Cube has been influenced by several anti-Semitic remarks, most notably his line from the 1991 disc track “No Vaseline”. Fast forward after almost three decades. Billboard That being said, many people still criticize it. Posting pictures with anti-Semitic accent And conspiracy theories on Twitter.

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Released an animated music video.

Speaking of his music career, Ice Cube is still actively promoting it. Every thing is corrupt. Album. In addition to performing in several major venues, Cube asked “Can You Dig It?” Released an animated music video for From the album in November 2020 by Snoop Dogg’s ‘Digital Dog’ production company. Directed by Noland McDonald, the four-minute video garnered more than 1.1 million views on YouTube as of this writing.

Ice Cube reconsiders its role in ‘Boys and the Hood’

Thirty years after the ہ 57 million premiere of the upcoming Hood drama Boys N The Hood at the box office, Cube talked about the creative process behind the film. As it turns out, the film’s director, John Singleton, was collectively influenced by the NWA’s life as a filmmaker.

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Cube remembered 2021 interview How he became ‘Dog Boy’ in the movie. “And, you know, the whole thing was a movie version of what you’re doing, and you know, no one is showing it.”

Last year, Ice Cube took to the heat online amid the heights of the 2020 presidential election. The rap star, who once said he would never endorse. Donald Trump, Tweeted his support for the controversy ‘Platinum plan.For black Americans, the proposal seeks to gain the votes of black Americans, as well as expand existing economic measures, prosecute KKK and Antifa, set the 18th as a federal holiday, and more. Was gone

“I didn’t go to work with any of the campaigns,” Ice Cube said of both sides. “Both campaigns wanted me to talk about an agreement with Black America.” One campaigner said, “We like what you have, but let’s really dig in after the election.” And one campaigner said, ‘We like what you have, do you mind talking to us about it?’ And that’s what I did, so I didn’t run to anyone. ”

Ice Cube was preparing for ‘Last Friday’

So, what’s next for the rapper? After a series of successful films, it looks like we are going to see another film. Friday The fourth installment was coming in April 2017, said franchise film director John Weatherspun. The rapper later revealed that Last friday Green is looting in 2019, and the team wanted to push the 2020 release date forward.

Unfortunately, the status of the film is currently unknown.

However, as we all know, the film has not been released as of this writing. Unfortunately, long after the rapper’s script was confirmed, the 77-year-old director died of a heart attack, halting the film’s future. Another prominent figure, Tommy Lester Jr., died of heart disease in 2020. Ice Cube later revealed that they are rewriting the script and discussing two possible plot lines, so it’s worth watching to see how the story unfolds.

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