Is K-pop star Saisi still making music? Here is everything he has been doing since ‘Gangnam Style’

In 2012, the Internet celebrated another milestone immediately after the release of “Gangnam Style”. Psychological. This is the South Korean rapper’s humorous style of music that sets him apart from other typical Korean idols. In fact, that’s exactly what he captures in the song and the accompanying music video: A Critical Look at Consumers in the High Class Society in the Gangnam District of Seoul, South Korea.

Nine years later, the hit maker attracted a lot of attention after his seasonal rise with “Gangnam Style”. Business in management And hit after hit. After bringing K-pop to the American audience as never before, here is everything the rapper has been doing ever since.

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Tried to follow with ‘Gentleman’

Calling Sai “a hit wonder” is misleading, because after his astronomical rise, the singer continued to make hits after hits. In fact, his follow-up single after “Gangnam Style,” “Gentleman,” added him to the Guinness World Records as an artist, the most viewed online in 24 hours, and the first video to hit 2 on YouTube. Viewed more than a billion times.

Called the ‘King of YouTube’

The influence of politics on YouTube was so great that it is no exaggeration to call it one of the kings of the platform. In fact, in 2017, Saisi made history as the first Asian solo artist to surpass tens of millions of subscribers on the platform, with the Diamond Play Button now on its belt.

“My new songs aren’t as big as ‘Gangnam Style’, but whenever I release a music video. Many people from many countries are watching.Waiting for them, and supporting them, “he said in an interview. Billboard.

Psychological legend associated with rapper Snoop Dogg.

Snoop Dogg is no stranger to bizarre collaborations, including his bizarre friendship with Martha Stewart, but the legendary rapper’s 2014 relationship with the psyche was something else. Entitled “Hangover,” the cross-genre Summer Jam has garnered 350 million views on YouTube. The lyrics were a hit. Miracle Used it as one of the original movie soundtracks of 2018. Black leopard.

“Even if the songs are not so strong. [successes] As a ‘Gangnam Style’, as a singer and creator, I have a lot of people in many countries who have a positive chance of listening to my music and watching my videos. I personally admire the ‘Gangnam style’, “Sai reminded me of being called” a hit surprise “.

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Became a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador.

During his climax with “Gangnam Style”, UN chief Ban Ki-moon appointed Reaper as UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador. As South Korean media. Dong A. Elbo. Noted, The rapper descends with the head of the UN. The infamous equestrian dance at the United Nations headquarters in Manhattan, New York.

He left YG Entertainment and released his last album under the label.

Now, 43, Psy has chosen to work in artist management. To understand his vision, the hit maker left YG Entertainment, the label that had been his home since 2010. At the time of his signing, the singer was fresh from wrestling after leaving the Republic of Korea Army but was in financial trouble and stopped making music. He released his last album under the label, 4X2 = 8., With many South Korean superstars such as Ji Dragon and Tiang’s cameo.

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Entered Artist Management by creating his own label.

Later, he set up his own entertainment company, Pension. Its legacy was so vast that SK Telecom has reportedly invested heavily. $ 4.37 million. He now owns 10% shares in the company.

“I want to share what I’ve learned as PSY’s PD / manager / director for 19 years,” he said on Instagram. Allow !! ”

Signed your first artist.

In addition, Saisi signed her debut in January 2019. She is a New York-born South Korean singer who released her first single under the influence of Ho.b. The song made it to Billboard Korea’s Pop Hot 100 before he teamed up with fellow Korean rapper Jay Park for a rap single “Drip”. In addition to Jesse, Saisi has also signed with Cube Entertainment and Havana and Dawn from the Pentagon, Crush and Hayes.

Psy is preparing to form a new boy band.

Now, Psyche has hired Park Jin Young from JYP Entertainment to form a new boy band. with power., A South Korean survival reality show featuring two labels competing for recording deals in search of artistic talent from across the country. The series ended in September this year with two new groups of boys.

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You need to know about the world’s favorite Kpop group, BTS.

South Korea has taken the world by storm with its brilliant music, passionate choreography, and beautiful and beautiful singers.

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