Is Porsche Williams rebuilding its net worth?

Real housewives from Atalanta Star Porsche Williams has had a rough couple of years. Painful divorce, recent exodus from ROA franchise and violent skirmish with her co-stars during ROA The reunion has thrown the reality TV star back both personally and financially. She not only disgraced herself and force delete from the RHOA reunion due to her altercation, but she quickly goes broke. Once held in high esteem for her $ 16 million name, she is now only a fraction of that amount. Most celebrity websites estimate it barely costs $ 500,000, and some estimates put it even less.

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But while she might be down, ROA the star will definitely not go out. Portia Williams has found work here and there, and if she continues at that pace, she is likely to revive some of her wealth. She seems to have been humiliated by the loss of her wealth as she is now a die-hard activist in the modern civil rights movement. Here’s what Porsche Williams has been up to lately and how she can rebuild her net worth.

6 Porsche Williams now has her own show called Porsche Family Affairs.

After ten years on the show, Portia is gone. ROA after the end of the 13th season in 2021 to star in an additional series called Porsche’s family affairs. Although she is struggling financially due to divorce and falling, she is very rich in love. Thanks to her story arc ROAPortia Williams now has a very loyal fan base who has followed her to her new show. The show is currently in the middle of its first season. Her fans also gave her over 6 million Instagram followers, making her one of the most popular Real housewives stars Ever. Recently, Williams also gave her fans something to buy each other for Christmas.


5 Porsche William’s memoir “Chasing Porsches” released in 2021

Her fans were thrilled when Portia announced she was writing a book, and in 2021 she made the announcement. Porsche Chase hitting shelves in November 2021 in time for Christmas shopping. The book is not in the top The newspaper “New York Times The list is a bestseller, but it seems to be doing decently and has a 4 out of 5 average on the Barnes and Noble website. At a recent autograph session animal rights activist crashed the event, demanding that Williams stop wearing fur

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4 Portia Williams is now a prominent member of the BLM movement

Williams herself protests a little these days, even allowing herself to be arrested for the cases she supports. Following the death of George Floyd, a black man killed by police in the video, Williams has become an ardent opponent of racial profiling and a supporter of Black Lives Matter and police reform. She was arrested during a protest outside the home of the Kentucky attorney general demanding justice for Breonna Taylor, a black ambulance paramedic killed by police while she was sleeping in her bed. Taylor did not have an arrest warrant and was not the one the police were supposed to arrest, and her death horrified several celebrities, including Williams. New York Times called Porsche Williams a “crusader” against police violence for her work in support of the Black Lives movement.

3 Portia Williams is engaged again

The main reason for Williams’ loss of net worth was her public divorce from NFL star Cordell Stewart. Williams went from $ 16 million to almost nothing overnight, although salaries for Real housewives stars average about $ 600,000-800,000 per season. However, love seems to continue to prevail over everything as she is now engaged to entrepreneur Simon Guobadia. She was previously briefly engaged to fellow entrepreneur Dennis McKinley.

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2 Porsche Williams’ personal net worth is still much lower than it was before

While the leftovers from her book sales have yet to arrive, because it usually takes 3-6 months before an author sees any money, depending on their contract, and despite her new show, websites are still grading. that Williams is only worth $ 400,000 to $ 500. j. Williams, however, is engaged to a man worth $ 40 million.

one In conclusion, she’s still broke, but she’s on the right track.

Williams may have gone through a difficult period, but she remains optimistic, as evidenced by her book and the fact that she has new projects on the horizon. She went out of bounds ROA a nest to start your show, tell your story and be yourself. While she was also unlucky in love, it seems that luck has turned on her. It is important to remember, though, that neither her previous marriage nor her previous engagement lasted very long. Will Williams get his money back? Perhaps, but whether she does it or not, it cannot be denied that she is not giving up.

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