Is The Fast and the Furious TV Show Live Action Still?

That Fast and furious The franchise is one of the largest in history, and fans still rush to theaters for every new movie. This franchise has had serious flaws over time, including the loss of Paul Walker. And, of course, Denzel Washington rejected them, and Vin Diesel feuded with Dwayne Johnson, but despite all this, the company continued to rotate and made billions.

The franchise’s success allowed it to hit the small screens, and at some point there was talk of a live-action show going on. To date, there has been no such show.


Let’s check and see if there is live action Fast and furious The series will still be.

The Fast and the Furious franchise is a Juggernaut

When Fast and furious came out for the first time, no one could predict how the franchise would develop. The stakes have gone up in every movie, but the sheer and absolute scale of it all is simply unrealistic, and it’s crazy to think that it was all heavily focused on racing at one point or another.

Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, and the original team launched everything in the 2000s, and from now on they will rake in millions all the time while films are bringing in big box office receipts. Sure, there was a point where this franchise looked completely finished, but Dwayne Johnson stepped in and helped revitalize the franchise and transform it into what it is now.

The franchise still has some tire marks on it, and fans can’t wait to see it all wrap up on the big screen in the coming years. Impressively, the franchise also made it to the small screen, which was an impressive expansion.

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The franchise expanded to television

It has become much more common to see big big screen franchises make their way to small screens, and this franchise is no exception. The main difference here is that this franchise has opted to go the animation route on Netflix rather than the live performance route.

Fast and furious spy racing Is the series the franchise decided to launch on Netflix, and it debuted back in 2019.

Just like we saw with Jurassic World Camp CretaceousNetflix can whip up the seasons of an animated show, and this show was no exception. Spy Racers was highly successful during its time on the streaming platform and the show will have a chance to air six seasons in total. and 52 episodes in total. That’s a lot of content in just a couple of years! Obviously Netflix liked what they showed if they kept it for so long.

Spy Racers came to an end on Netflix, which has left many wondering if the rumored live show will take place sooner or later.

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This was not mentioned for almost 3 years

In 2019 We got this cover all the news suggested that Fast and furious the series was potentially in development.

“According to our sources – those who announced that Green Lantern will appear on HBO Max and that Marvel is developing Miss Marvel – Universal is working with the platform to create a series set in the popular cinematic universe. The currently unnamed project is likely to focus on an all-new cast and characters, although there is a chance some of the franchise’s big stars may appear here and there, ”the website says.

The site also noted that David Leitch, who directed Hobbs and Shaw, expressed interest in a live show that will take place in the future.

“But now with Hobbs and Shaw, can you imagine Madame M., the heroine of Eiza Gonzalez, on a TV show with her group of female assassins? It would be amazing, ”said the director.

At the time, this was the main news, but it has been two years since it became known. Currently, it has not been anything new for the show to actually come together, but that may change in the future. Perhaps there is still interest, it’s just that things are moving sluggishly.

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That Fast and furious The franchise has a few films left, which means they can just wait for everything to play out fully on the big screen before filming a live-action series. Either way, fans will be waiting on standby.

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