Is the NBA Youngboy the Tupac of this generation?

While social media is having mixed feelings about it, the internet is going crazy over the surprise release of the long-awaited third draft of the year NBA Youngboy “Realer 2”.

What the game had to say

Earlier this month, The Game gave an interview to Montreality in which he expressed his attitude towards this new era of music, calling Lil Baby and Lil Durk the Jay-Z and Nas of this generation, and NBA Youngboy the Tupac of this generation.

Black Twitter was definitely outraged by the statement covering both sides of the dispute.

One person said

No, that’s ridiculous, and stop saying that on behalf of PAC, it’s disrespectful every time. Stop trying to compete with a one-of-a-kind legend and give this man a break.

While the other said

Old heads that won’t accept that changes in music are driving me crazy lol like cnba young guy doesn’t look like Andre 3000 or Tupac at all, damn he shouldn’t be, he’s from a completely different generation, he doesn’t music for you all

Other Pac comparisons

But this isn’t the first time someone from this new generation has been compared to Tupac. In fact, NLE Choppa had an interview with VladTV where he shared why he considered himself a hip hop legend in a past life.

I was misunderstood. I stand out. Many do not understand me. They do not understand. I always talk about controversial things in my own way.

He even dedicated his 2021 single “Picture Me Graping” to him, using iconic scenes from his “Hit Em Up” music video.

And let’s not forget when Fat Joe compared DaBaby to Tupac back in 2021 when he visited Big Tigger for a revamp and revival of “Rap City” and was asked, “Who is the 2021 version of Tupac Shakur?”

NBA Youngboy Loyal Fan Base

The NBA’s Youngboy being the Pac of this generation is clearly still up for debate, but you can’t deny the dedication of his fan base, which stands behind the love and support that Pak has given and still receives.
His fans constantly flood the comment sections of media sites and other rappers with “YB Better”. Kodak Black, one of the victims of this campaign in support of YB, recently spoke out about this, saying how tired he was of his fans taking every opportunity to show love to their favorite rapper.

YUB year

All in all, 2022 is really starting to feel like the “Year of YB” with him. discarding evidence case with weapons, having received their 100 gold / platinum RIAA certifications commemorative plaque, receiving a Grammy nomination for Tyler the Creator’s single ‘Wusyanam’ featuring him and Ty Dolla $ign, abandoning two previous projects that virtually broke the internet.”Colors‘ as well as ‘Last slime‘, and announcing that he expecting her ninth child with his girlfriend Jazlyn Michelle, who made a couple of appearances in his new projects on and off camera, showcasing her vocals on Realer 2 on his song “Poppin Sh–”.

Release “Realer 2”

The release of “Realer 2” came as a shock as fans weren’t sure it was just a rumor, even after DJ Akademiks and his mom, Sherkhondashared the news of the release on social media, and although they were a day behind, the project still closed despite hesitation.

Earlier this year, there were also rumors that the rapper might retire from music, which he denied in early July, hinting at the release of a sequel to his Realer project.

Whether or not it’s the “Year of Youngboy”, it’s definitely a busy 2022 and we should give him flowers.

Roommates, do you consider him the Pac of this generation?

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