Isha and Michael’s relationship status after Netflix’s Twenty-Something: Austin

Netflix caught fans by surprise Twenties: Austin. In this reality show, eight in their twenties come together in the hope that they will find love, find a new life for themselves, or at least meet. The show was refreshingly free of drama and chronicled the adventures of these young people as they explore their new living conditions and travel in new relationships and friendships that inevitably developed.

Four ladies are housed in one residence, and four men are in the neighborhood – and this is how 24-year-old fashion designer Isha Punja and 23-year-old comedian Michael Fraktor. find a common language. The season ended ambiguously, with fans wondering if the couple stayed together and fans wanting to know what their relationship status is today.

10 Isha Poonji and Michael Fraktor’s relationship status today

When episode 12 ended, Michael left Isha to continue his life in Los Angeles, only to turn back again and announce to Isha and the rest of the world that he had changed his mind and was following his heart instead. When he reappeared on stage, he told Isha that he had returned for her, at the most epic and romantic moment, stating:, “I understand that work is work. There are many of them, but Isha is only one. The problem is that after the show, fans didn’t hear anything from them on social media anymore, and since they didn’t become “official Instagram” there was no actual confirmation that they were an item in real life.

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9 They can keep fans hooked to tune in for more.

The fact is that they stopped being boyfriend and girlfriend suggests that Michael Fraktor and Isha Punja are a couple and that they are still together. The fact that they have not made an official announcement on the status of their relationship may well be because the show’s producers asked them not to do so. It would only be prudent that the wait would result in more fans tuning in when Twenties: Austin is making its long-awaited return on Netflix.

Those looking for clues as to whether Isha and Michael continued to deepen their love bond after the cameras stopped rotating will find some clues on the internet. One of the main hints fans have to work with is the simple fact that they still follow each other on social media. Most couples who break up unsubscribe from each other pretty quickly. I see … who wants to see news from their ex? The fact that they are still following each other is a pretty good sign that things are going well in the love department.

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7 Isha and Michael share photos of each other

Eagle-eyed fans will notice that the two are still sharing photos of each other online, which is a compelling sign that not only are they still together, they are thriving and creating memories together. Even if they are not officially a couple, the photos they share with each other on social media prove that they are at least very close and confirm that they still spend a lot of time with each other and move. forward in a positive direction.

6 Michael Fraktor’s family wears the Isha Punja clothing line

During an emotionally charged episode Twenties: AustinMichael went to great lengths to purchase a very expensive jacket from Isha’s clothing line, Hut Mentality. She needed a sale to save her business, and he came to her aid even though he had no money to spare. The same jacket made a comeback on social media after season 12, and it reappeared in unexpected ways. Michael’s sister was spotted in him, leading fans to believe that Isha may have dated Michaels’ family, or at least they support her and give their consent.

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5 Isha refers to “Misha Moments”

Isha Punja has taken her Michael Fraktor image sharing on social media to the next level, which is a compelling sign that she’s still in love with him. She published a series of her images with Michael and then signed the gallery by writing; “What’s your favorite moment with Misha?” Using a nickname to refer to the two of them is a pretty good sign that not only are they an official couple, but a couple with a cute nickname that she seems to be very proud of.

4 Ishi Poonji’s LinkedIn Profile Tip

Instagram isn’t the only online place to find clues. In fact, Isha’s LinkedIn profile it happens that she tells fans about her personal life, and not just about her career. It has been updated to reflect that she is in Los Angeles, which is exactly where Michael went after the show. Isha talked about staying in Austin, but it looks like she could have followed him to Los Angeles instead, which is very eloquent and would be a perfect continuation of their story.

3 Isha Punja and Michael Fraktor on New Years Eve

Celebrating the new year together is a big deal, and Instagram has revealed that Isha and Michael have definitely welcomed 2022 together. They posted a delightful image of what they are clearly having a great time together. They were surrounded by friends, and it looks like they started the new year the way they would like it to continue … together.

2 Michael hints that Isha was his girlfriend

At the start of the new year, Michael posted on Instagram a summary of how 2021 began and how it ended. He posted a picture without Isha in 2021 and wrote “no girl” as the first paragraph on his resume about how they started the year. The image that depicts how the year ended was one of them with Isha together, and this “no girl” status was clearly absent. Isha responded to this post by writing, “The happiest guy in the world ❤️.”

one Isha Punja and Michael Fractor are no longer a couple …

Those looking to tie together the status of Isha and Michael’s relationship using facts need look no further than Episode 12. They definitely ended the show as a couple who were very emotionally connected. Michael’s romantic comeback and how he emotionally revealed that he is back to continue his relationship with Isha is the last fact fans can lean on. Given that there are no official statements that they have ended the relationship, it is wise for fans to consider a comeback. Twenties: Austin will include the continuation of this relationship.

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