It was the biggest controversy around Barney & Friends.

When 90s kids look back at a TV show that really warmed our hearts, it’s hard to think of anything other than Barney & Friends… The Purple Dinosaur was a favorite, and it’s funny to realize that stars Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez starred on the show as kids. There was something special about this show, although of course now that we think about it we can’t help but find the title track incredibly cheesy … “I love you, you love me / We are as happy as we can be. / With a big hug / And kiss you from me / Won’t you tell me that you love me too? “


While we all loved the Disney Channel shows in the 90s, we loved the PBs. Barney & Friendsand we’re curious as to why the show was taken off the air. It turns out there have been several controversies surrounding the show, one of which stands out the most. Read on for some of the biggest controversies around Barney & Friends

This is what David Joyner is doing now.

Although Barney has been played by several actors, David Joyner is perhaps the most famous.

Everyone who grew up watching Barney I will be surprised to learn that David Joyner is a Tantric sex therapist.… In accordance with, he explained that it was all about “energy” and that it was true when he played this child character.

David said, “The energy I raised [while] in the costume is based on tantra, which is love. Everything springs, grows and develops out of love. Even when you have emotionally blocked energy, the best way to get rid of it is to remove it with love and then replace it with the divine love of God. Love heals and allows you to keep growing. “

According to Dallas Observer, Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato admitted they find Barney cute. Selena was interviewed BBC Radio 1 and said, “You have to be in good shape, right, to do that, because it’s a 50 pound suit for him to take off, and he has muscles, and he sweats, and we’re like,” Okay, we’re kids. ” Demi Lovato was on Late show with Stephen Colbert and said, “Barney was actually very attractive. Inside the suit. And I’ve always liked older guys, so even when I was younger, I thought the guy in the suit was sexy. “

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Barney has had multiple lawsuits

While the man who played Barney is definitely the biggest controversy surrounding the children’s show, other issues have cropped up over the years.

Barney has also been involved in some lawsuits.… In accordance with distract, back in 2001 someone shared 150 ways to kill a dinosaur on the website. A few years earlier, in 1997, there were sketches of people hurting Barney in Chicken San DiegoUPI reported that Compass Entertainment is suing Lyons Group because they were supposed to host multiple concerts featuring their beloved purple dinosaur.

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Controversy surrounding Barney creator Cheryl Leach

Creator Barney Sherrill Leach has also been involved in the lawsuit.

In accordance with Hollywood ReporterSherrill’s son Patrick Leach was attempted murder following an altercation in February 2013. While Eric was suing Patrick for battery and assault, he also sued Cheryl and explained that Cheryl was wrong to let Patrick have a gun. People in 2015, it was reported that Patrick shot a neighbor back in 2013 and received a 15-year prison sentence.

This is definitely shocking for Barney fans who associate the show with childhood.

Cheryl Leach created Barney in 1987 when, according to New York Times, she wanted to think of something to make her son happy. She used to work as a teacher in Texas, sat in traffic and thought about it.

Katie Parker, Dennis DeShazer and Cheryl create a TV show Barney and the backyard gang, which naturally led to Barney & FriendsNew York Times reported that Larry Rifkin, who worked for Connecticut Public Television as executive vice president of programming, showed the videotape to his four-year-old daughter, who loved it. He then brought the show to PBS.

Barney & Friends aired from 1992 to 2010, and according to IMDb, in the series there are 278 episodes.

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There will be Peacock documentary about Barney, in accordance with

Fans will be able to see it in 2022 and is produced by Tommy Avallone and Scout Productions. There will be three parts, and it will tell about the image of Barney that has developed in people: how some people do not like him, while others have fond memories of watching this show as a child.

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