Jack Ging’s last TV show before his death

After a brief stint as Chief Hollings on PSI Luv U, Jack Ging played one last TV gig before retiring. In 1994, he guest-starred on Wings, about siblings Joe (Tim Daly) and Brian Hackett (Stephen Weber) trying to run their own airline based in Nantucket, Massachusetts. For one episode “Boys Will Be Girls” from Season 5Ging settled on the image of the noisy football coach Dan Mattei. Even though it had been years since he coached and constantly berated them for not being football prodigies, he made no secret of his staunch dislike of the Hackett brothers when he saw them again in this episode.

By the time he appeared on Wings, Jack Ging had built a reputation for being an actor who could do just about anything. However, given his background, the casting of Dan Mattei was especially appropriate. A few years before stepping in front of the camera for the first time, Ging was a college football player, and a pretty good one. In fact, how part of the Oklahoma Sooners roster, he entered the 1954 Orange Bowl against the Maryland Terrapins. Ging and his teammates won the game, but he never turned pro. Instead, he turned to acting, launching a career that would make him a pop culture legend.

Jack Ging, the star who entertained generations, will be greatly missed.

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