Jack Whitehall Stars in Clifford The Big Red Dog Movie | Interview

It was always challenging for Jack Whitehall to transition from idle stand-up to family fun.

Making the transition to family entertainment has always been challenging for Jack Whitehall.

British comedian best known for his swearing-in stand-up and big TV fare like Fresh Meets, Bad Education and Hits. Netflix road-trip series, Travels with My Father,

Most recently he’s doing this year’s Disney action-adventure Jungle Cruise for kids and is now in the big screen adaptation of the beloved children’s book Clifford the Big Red Dog.

But sometimes old habits die hard, and judging by the number of NSFW outtakes they did with equally profane Emily Blunt and Dwayne Johnson, they’re pretty sure there might be a version of The Jungle Crusade somewhere. Which will bleed from the ears of the kids.

“You definitely have to keep a little lid on things,” he laughs via a Zoom call from Los Angeles. “There’s definitely an R-rated cut of Jungle Cruise in the ether. There’s a version of that movie that definitely wouldn’t have made the mark.”

He says that his behavior was much better for Clifford, in which he played the human-child Uncle Casey, unlike the giant titular CG canine, but this time almost over a language barrier between his native England and his colleagues across the pond. was undone.

“I think I accidentally said the word ‘Bolkes’ in a scene that was in the cut for a long time,” he says. “And eventually, someone Googled it and realized what it meant and it was a little English word that was accidentally stuck in the movie and nobody thought to take it out.

“Luckily, the finished piece is bolk-free. It’s very family-friendly and I won’t have any mess anywhere near it.”

Whitehall is full of praise for his junior co-stars at Clifford, most notably 14-year-old Darby Camp and Isaac Wang, who they say are far more prepared and put together than they were his age. Whitehall, the son of television producer and agent Michael Whitehall himself, made some early forays into acting, but the results were less than stellar.

“I was absolutely terrible,” he admits. “I got cut from a few things. At one point I got redone and was demoted to being an extra in the back of the shot. And then I even filmed something where they completely dubbed my voice because someone Because of the day I got speech impediment and I was not able to pronounce the line right and they dubbed me with another kid’s voice.”

And while Whitehall admires her boundless, youthful energy in the sweet and inclusive story about a young girl and her carefree uncle, who find themselves trying to suppress a brightly colored, oversized monastery in New York City, He was less influenced by his timing and musical selection.

“There were times when we were on the makeup trailer at six in the morning and Isaac and Darby were playing Justin Bieber so loud. During the day, I’d say I’m a believer, but at 6 a.m., I feel like I’m a Bell-atheist and so I had to politely ask him if we could wait until eight o’clock or until nine o’clock. Justin Bieber doesn’t start playing. And then the next morning, it was One Direction instead, so I don’t think the message quite got through.

Whitehall’s list of priorities for signing up for Clifford was the chance to work with her comedy idol John Cleese, who plays the kind, mysterious and magical Mr. Bridgwell. Whitehall says that he has always related to physical comedy as well as the buttoned-up, class-conscious, overly tight characters that Monty Python has made great, to the point that “all my career so far has been his A tribute to”.

“That’s why I do what I do and I was so nervous about meeting him for the first time,” Whitehall says. “But he’s an incredible presence and he’s funny and funny and even though he’s in his 80s, it’s also incredible mischief and a big booming laugh, which is the ultimate reward if you can make him laugh. It’ll make you laugh at all.” melts.”

Whitehall has fond memories of his trip to Australia early last year for the final episode of Travels With My Father, in which he and his stern father Michael look at the world as impossible and hilarious travel companions. The pair managed to call off travel even before the coronavirus pandemic shut down global travel and were swiftly put into lockdown upon their return to their homes in London, having wrestled with emu and drag queens just a few weeks before. danced together.

“If anything, it was probably the right time because at the end of filming a series of Travels with My Father I was like ‘Okay, I need a little distance from my father’,” Whitehall laughs. “It’s a little intense to be on the street with him for so long. And then, lo and behold, we go back to England and it was literally a law set by the government, that I couldn’t see him for a few months and I think That we were both fine at that time.”

Clifford the Big Red Dog opens sneakily in theaters December 18-19 on December 30th.

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