Jackie Chan earned 18 18 million for this big flop.

When you look at the stars that literally grew up on the big screen during the 90’s and 2000’s, Jackie Chan’s The name is definitely the one that stands out. Of During rush hour And Shanghai Nun Films helped him become an international star, but the truth is that long before these franchises started, Chen had a long film career.

At its peak, the actor was lowering the premium of his films, but despite studios investing in it, he could not always top any film at the box office.

Let’s take a look at a movie that paid Jackie Chan about 20 20 million, just to flop at the box office.

Jackie Chan is a legend.

As one of the most famous movie stars of his time who made a profound impact on the entertainment industry, Jackie Chan is the person who hardly needs an introduction. Chen has had a remarkable career in Hollywood, and those of us who have grown up with his films will gladly confirm his greatness on the big screen.

Jackie Chan was able to use martial arts, amazing stunt work, and flawless humorous timing to his advantage, especially in his younger years. All of these traits helped make it a box office item that studios loved to work with. Naturally, it also helped China to play the lead role in successful films.

Included in the actor’s biggest successful films. Fuck in the Bronx, Of During rush hour Movies, Shanghai Nun Movies, Forbidden monarchy., And much more. The body of his work is impressive, and Chen has worked tirelessly for decades during his years in the film business.

Beyond acting, he has done a little bit of everything. He has recorded music, invested his money wisely, and is an inspiration to the millions of people out there who are ready to pursue their dreams.

Over the years, Chen has managed to earn millions by taking his net worth to impressive heights.

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He has earned millions.

According to Celebrity Networth.Jackie Chan is currently worth $ 400 million, making him one of the most successful stars ever.

In the heyday of his career, Chen was building a bank for every new release, and he was making home runs at the box office. His internationally successful films made him a big star, and all of them helped establish his legacy while making him millions.

Although he is not the same kind of global star he used to be, Chen has managed to build a bank in recent years.

As Celebrity Networth. Noted, “In 2016, Jackie Chan was the world’s second highest paid actor. Between June 2018 and June 2019, Jackie Chan earned 60 60 million from his various endeavors. Between June 2019 and June 2020, he Made 40 million. ”

Now, while Chen was still in the midst of becoming a major international film star, he had some films that did not succeed at the box office. One such film paid him a hefty salary, only once at the box office.

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‘Around the World in 80 Days’ was a huge flop.


via moviesanywhere.com.

According to Bomb report., Jackie Chan paid 18 18.5 million. In 80 days worldwide. Thanks to a pay or sports contract for anonymous people, these contracts guarantee an actor a designated amount, regardless of whether the filming is actually taking place. These deals are only for the biggest stars in the world, and Chen made a big deal for this film.

Unfortunately, instead of promoting the film at the box office, Jackie Chan was unable to help. In 80 days worldwide. Succeed in the financial sector. I Bomb reports. Impairment of the film’s financial performance, he said, “In 80 days worldwide. Closed his American run with a terrible 24,008,137. Disney will return 13 13.2 million when the theaters take their total share and Walden will not receive any cash back.

He added, “Offshore total at just ڈالر 48,170,758 at various distributors, which made this remake one of the most costly mistakes at the box office – ending with a write-off of about 100 100 million. ۔ ”

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Simply put, the film was a financial disaster, and it would not have been nice for the studio or Jackie Chan to see things go that way. However, we imagine that earning about 20 20 million helped make Chen’s mind a little easier.

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Jackie Chan offers 1 million yuan to anyone who can cure corona virus.
What are Jackie Chan doing? Offer 1 million yuan to anyone who seeks a cure for the corona virus.

The famous Hong Kong actor made the announcement on his Weibo account, the most widely used social media platform in China.

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