Jackie Chan’s most dangerous stunts, rated how many he was injured.

Jackie Chan Has been a well-known actor, director and martial artist for decades. He has been in the movie. Industry Because he was a little kid in the 60’s, but it was in the 70’s when he started to become really famous and Hollywood started recognizing his talents. He gained fame by performing all his stunts and using only one stuntman when absolutely necessary – whether it meant almost being killed or seriously injured.

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It seems. Jackie Chan We will do anything to make sure. Movies Very good and after all his stunts, he is like he is invincible. Her own stunting prowess definitely makes her films unique and action scenes authentic. He still performs his stunts at the age of 67. Let’s take a look at Jackie Chan’s most dangerous stunts so far.

Police Story 3: The Super Cup (1992) – Helicopter stunt.

We’re starting the list with a crazy stunt by Jackie Chan so far. I Police Story 3: Super Cup.It had two scenes, including a helicopter. First he had to jump off a building and hang on a rope ladder that was coming out of the helicopter as it flew out of town. Surprisingly, he was not hurt in the scene. It was the second one to hurt. According to South China Morning Post.“In another scene, a hanging Chen was supposed to dodge an oncoming helicopter, but he failed to get out of the way, slicing his shoulder muscles due to the impact.”

Armor of God 2: Operation Condor (1991) – Swinging with a chain stunt.

It’s not as dramatic as hanging from a helicopter, but it was still dangerous. It was so dangerous that he accidentally fell and broke a bone. According to Screen rent“Swinging from a long chain in an underground Nazi stronghold, Chen inadvertently lost his grip and fell to the ground. The impact was so terrible that he broke his sternum, causing sheer agony. The booted stunt can be fully viewed during the closing credits scene. Operation Condor., And that’s awful. ”

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Project A (1983) – Clock Tower Stunt.

Project A. There is another movie where Jackie accidentally fell and injured himself. He could have avoided injury this time because he hadn’t done it twice before, but he felt like the scene wasn’t good enough and he had to do it again. Part of his dangerous retic film ended. “Chen manages to make his way out of the clock tower, where he is forced to live a life dearer than one of the hands of the clock. When he loses his grip, he falls straight down from the roofs of the two clothes Lands on the ground. Chen stunted twice but was unhappy with the result. The third attempt was painful when it landed almost directly on his neck, almost breaking him. Miraculously, he not only survived. Rather, he remained in the role and ended the scene. Screen rent. Only Jackie Chan will be able to remain in the role after breaking his neck.

Hand of Death (1975) – Truck stunt.

Hand of death It was the first time Jackie had been injured on the set and is still one of the worst injuries. The director thought he was dying because he was badly injured. Jackie Chan suffered one of his worst injuries on the set of a 1975 film. Hand of death When he jumped from a truck and hit his head on the way down. Before the injury could fully penetrate, he repeated the jump a second before an hour had passed. Screen rent. Thankfully, he managed to wake up and his head injury did not cause any permanent damage.

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‘Police Story’ (1985) – Pool slide stunt.

The story of the police. There are a lot of stunts throughout the film and Jackie pulls them out as if they were nothing. But one of them left him with wounds all over his body. “The most notorious incident took place during the famous Mall series when Chen jumped from a balcony and climbed a pole before hitting a glass ceiling. Irritation, a broken finger, a variety of cuts, and a lumbar and vertebral injury Screen rent. Most people would probably stop doing stunts after that, but not Jackie Chan. He still stunts for his films and surprisingly it wasn’t the worst set injury ever.

Armor of God (1987) – Tree stunt.

God’s coach. It was the movie that almost killed him. The stunt he had to perform seemed simple at first, but it ended in disaster. “For this, Chen needed to jump on a castle wall and a tree, then swing down from the branches. Although the first support was good, Chen did not think it was fast enough. On the second attempt, the catastrophe occurred. When the branch of the tree broke, as soon as it hit the ground, its head hit a rock, which broke its skull. South China Morning Post.. Somehow he escaped this stunt and was still able to work in movies, as Jackie Chan we all know today.

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