James Argent looks leaner than ever while boxing after 13th weight loss

FORMER The Only Way Is Essex star James Argent was seen leaner than ever while boxing in the gym.

The reality TV star has shed an incredible 13 stones after undergoing life-saving gastric bypass surgery last year to start her weight loss journey.


James could be seen boxing with trainer Tom on Instagram.1 credit
The star showed incredible weight loss.


The star showed incredible weight loss.1 credit

James, 34, could be seen showing off his boxing skills as he trained at the Essex Fighting Academy near his home in Epping.

It looks like he set himself a new goal of fighting a boxing match when he sparred with trainer Tom McDonnell in a video on social media.

The TV star looked leaner than ever as he threw punches at his trainer, who yelled instructions in his direction as they moved around the ring.

“Boxing match this year? Could be another goal for me! Who should I fight?” James captioned the video before posting a series of behind-the-scenes shots.

He smiled at the photo next to buddy Tom, who took to his Instagram to talk about James’ weight loss, showing off impressive before and after photos.

“It’s crazy what a year can do,” the coach wrote, showing James noticeably swelled up in one shot before sharing his latest ringside shots.

It comes days after James revealed how doctors told him to put on weight after he lost 13 stone “too fast” after surgery.

The Touey star lost weight so quickly after the surgery that he now has to undergo regular check-ups to make sure he’s not losing too much weight.

Arg said, “I’ve lost a little more than I wanted to, so I want to get fitter, put on some weight and maybe even put on half a stone.”

The 34-year-old man weighed 27.5 pounds in his most severe condition, and doctors predicted it would take 18 months for him to reach his 15 pound 7 pound target.

But just three months after the operation, he had already dropped to 14.5 st.

Arg trained with best friend and personal trainer Mark Wright and he says his friend is always there for him – no matter what.

“We trained together with weights, and he’s always a phone call away,” he said. “Whether it’s weight problems, girl problems or whatever, Mark is always the person I turn to.”

After Arg changed his drug and alcohol addiction to food, he joked Reflect that he needs to be careful, he is no longer addicted to shopping, now none of his things fit.

He said: “The only thing I really have to watch out for is that I don’t turn into a shopaholic because I had to sort through my entire wardrobe.

“I never thought my life would be like this. I feel confident, much more energetic, happier and healthier. I’m crazy about life.”

Arg previously spoke to Kristen Bell Tattoos about what life was like when he was drinking, admitting that he shut himself off from the world.

He said, “Overeating made me tired and lethargic, so I made plans every day to meet up with friends, get work done, or achieve something.

“But after I ate, I was so exhausted that I just stayed in bed and didn’t leave the house. One afternoon my mom found me in bed and started crying.

“She said, ‘I don’t recognize my son anymore.’ It was a big wake up call.

“Also, I reached the worst condition I have ever been in at the height of the pandemic, and the doctors said that I was playing dice with death because I have severe asthma and morbid obesity, which was the worst possible combination if I was about to contract Covid. .”

James has been boxing since the beginning of his weight loss journey.


James has been boxing since the beginning of his weight loss journey.1 credit
James joked that he "fight with someone" as part of a new challenge


James joked that he would be “fighting someone” as part of the new challenge.1 credit
I have had compulsive overeating for more than half of my life, and I did not leave the house until it was dark, says James Argent.

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