Jamie Lynn Spears cries, saying relationship with sister Britney is “complicated”

Jamie Lynn gets emotional and reveals he loves her sister Britney Spears during a quick recap of her highly anticipated interview for ABC.

Jamie Lynn Spears cries, saying relationship with sister Britney is

Jamie Lynn Spears was overwhelmed when talking about her relationship with her sister. Britney Spears on the Good morning america… In a commercial for the highly anticipated interview, the actress said that she “loves” her sister but admits that “things have gotten more complicated.”

Jamie Lynn breaks down talking about her relationship with her sister Britney Spears.

That Sweet magnolias The star met with ABC News reporter Juju Chang a week before the release of her candid memoir. A quick glance at the chat revealed Jamie Lynn denying rumors that her relationship with her sister was severed.


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During the custody battle, it was revealed that Britney, who unfollowed Jamie Lynn on Instagram last week, had no close relationship with her sister. Britney scolded her sister many times for talking about her custody, but didn’t help the pop star get out of it.

The video shows Jamie Lynn wiping away her tears and saying, “Um, I love my sister.” When asked if something has become more complicated, she replied: “Probably yes.”

Jamie Lynn is then asked about what she thinks caused the rift between her and her sister. And, referring to the title of the book, she regrets not saying. She originally planned to name her book I must confess: family, fame and understanding, citing words from her sister’s 1998 hit. One more time baby… She changed it after receiving backlash.RELATED: Sam Asgari ‘Jealous’ After Britney Spears Post New NSFW Photos

The 13-year-old conservatory destroyed the close relationship between the sisters.

It used to be that the two had a close bond when they attended the 2002 show. Children’s Choice Award together, and when Britney hit rock bottom in 2007, Jamie Lynn was always photographed next to her. But the 2008 guardianship changed everything.

Britney spared no words as she posted on Instagram about her family, in a post that many assumed was about Jamie Lynn.

“If you are like my family saying something like ‘sorry, you’re in custody’ … you probably think you are different so they can fuck with you !!!!” she wrote.

It looks like Jamie Lynn misused her sister’s checking account. In the midst of the summer custody battle, a leaked document revealed that Britney had been paying the bills for Jamie Lynn’s multiple flights from Los Angeles.

In 2020, a judge chose Jamie Lynn as the trustee of her sister’s multimillion-dollar fortune. At some point she tried to grab more control over a trust fund for her sister’s children.

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