Jamie Lynn Spears said she “always loved and supported” Britney Spears in her first interview

“I have tried my best to make sure she has the contacts she needs to possibly go further and end this tutelage.”

Published on Jan 12, 2022 at 10:23 am ET.

After much anticipation, Jamie Lynn Spears spoke about months of feud with her sister Britney Spears.

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As you may know, Jamie Lynn has been in the public eye since Britney publicly convicted her in court last June. The “Gimme More” singer accused her sister of “doing nothing” to help her as she struggles with the terms of her guardianship.

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Under a legal agreement that went into effect in 2008, Britney controlled her life and finances. father and lawyers. The guardianship was final terminated in September after a long battle.

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Ever since Britney publicly accused her sister of being involved in the guardianship – which Jamie Lynn vehemently denied – the two have spent months discussing the filthy Instagram feud.

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And despite the barrage of criticism that Jamie Lynn faced, she decided to share her point of view in a new interview. Good morning america – which marks her first public discussion on this topic.

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Sitting next to ABC reporter Juju Chang, Jamie Lynn first stated that the love between her and Britney “still exists, 100%.”

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“I have only ever loved and supported [Britney] and did as she pleased – she said

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“I love my sister … And she knows it. So I don’t know why we are in this position now, ”she added.

When asked how she reacted to the end of Britney’s custody, Jamie Lynn said she was “happy.”

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“When they put him in his place, I was 17 years old, I was going to give birth to a child, so I did not understand what was happening,” she explained. “And I wasn’t focused on that. I was focused on the fact that I am 17 years old and I must have a child. “

Jamie Lynn went on to claim that she “took no steps” to become part of Britney’s custody before claiming that she had in fact provided her sister with resources to help her under a legal agreement.

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“There was a time when my sister asked me – about her trust and will – whether I would be the person who was confident that her boys would get what they needed,” she said.

“As soon as I realized that … she was under guardianship, I felt that I just didn’t want to be a part of [it] until she may have gotten out of custody, ”she said.

“I didn’t control the funds or anything like that, and if there was, it was a misunderstanding,” she said. “In any case, I have not taken any steps to become a part of this.”

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Jamie Lynn added: “I have always supported my sister, so when she needed help, I figured out how to do it.”

“I went out of my way to make sure she had the contacts she needed to maybe go ahead and end this guardianship and just end it all for our family,” she said. “If this causes so much controversy, why continue?”

She added: “Everyone has a voice and it needs to be heard. So if she wanted to talk to other people … I arranged it. I even talked to her legal team … the previous legal team and it didn’t end in my favor. “

That Sweet magnolias The actress also spoke about her future memoir, titled The things i had to saydue out next week.

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“It was very important for me to honor my voice in the first place,” she said of her decision to publish a candid book.

“I have to do this, otherwise how else can I expect my daughters to stand up for themselves?” she added.

Reflecting on her harrowing experience of avoiding the paparazzi while trying to hide her pregnancy at age 16, Jamie Lynn asked why such media scrutiny is “acceptable.”

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“I look back and think: wow, how is that acceptable? Why are you here? Also, to shame me and benefit from a young girl who is already experiencing something so traumatic, so deep and personal, ”she said.

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“We say we are doing better, but now we just go to Instagram comments and do it,” she said, perhaps referring to the onslaught of hate and negative attention she has received in recent months.

Just last week, Jamie Lynn talked about receiving “violent and inappropriate” messages threatening her children from an unnamed Instagram user.

The censored message Jamie Lynn shared with her story read, “White trash bitch, I hope your daughter gets [r*ped]… Both of them. “

In the screenshot, a mother of two children wrote: “I overcame [used] to receive the love and hate of strangers, as before I had no choice at the age of about 8 years. “

“[Growing] I had to learn not to admit hatred, rise above evil and NEVER give negativity the attention it desperately wants, but this is one of those moments that I can’t just brush it off, ”she continued.

“You may not love me, and this is normal, but THIS should not be tolerated under any circumstances, and even more so in relation to innocent minor children,” she said.

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