Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner’s 17-Month-Old Son Hospitalized With RSV

Never underestimate a mother’s insight.

Wednesday, October 13 Jamie Oates. Went on Instagram and revealed that he has a 17-month-old son. Hendricks. He was hospitalized after being taken to the ER with a temperature of 104.7 degrees.

“I have never admitted a patient for a fever,” the doctor said. If I am called ‘the mother’ who took my child to ER with a fever, then so be it. Married at first sight. The star wrote social media. “It’s been a few days and it’s only growing. It’s also been very cheap.”

The rising temperature was enough to startle Jamie. And her husband Doug Henner.The stars of reality shook more than the changes in Hendrix’s behavior.

“It was his behavior that scared us more than the temperature. It was weird,” Jamie recalled. “The night his eyes were staring and his behavior scared the badges out of us, it was probably the result of a seizure. We don’t know,” the ER doctor said.

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