Jana Duggar defies father Jim Bob’s strict rules and bares her legs in a sexy mini dress in a rare photo.

Jana Duggar defied her father Jim Bob’s strict rules by wearing a mini dress that shows off her legs in a new family photo.

The reality star came to the wedding of a friend in a short dress.



Jana Duggar bared her legs in a sexy mini dress in a rare photo.Credit: Instagram/emilyannaraynes
Jim Bob Duggar arrives in court as jurors continue their deliberations in Josh Duggar's case December 9, 2021


Jim Bob Duggar arrives in court as jurors continue their deliberations in Josh Duggar’s case December 9, 2021Credit: Toby Canham

Jana, who isn’t as active on social media as her siblings, sat in a big red chair with her friend and family members after attending a mutual friend’s wedding.

Everyone was dressed in formal attire and smiling for the camera.

However, she was wearing a light bluish short dress with a brown jacket over it, revealing her legs.

The 32-year-old girl completed it with white sandals and a curly hairstyle.

Jana defies strict family rules by wearing skinny jeans on a trip to Los Angeles.
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Her friend, Emily Ann Raines, originally posted the photo to her Instagram story.


She captioned it: “After the wedding @janamduggar @hannahduggar was a blast! California is great!

Jana’s daughter-in-law, Hannah, was sitting next to her in the picture, wearing a more modest dress.


Her dress was also light blue, but it reached below her knees.

Hannah wore a white jacket over the dress and paired it with brown peep toe pumps.

Her husband Jeremiah Duggar also attended the event.

She defied her father’s modesty rules by wearing a very short dress.


It’s not the first time Yana has broken Jim Bob’s rules.

Back in February, she wore skinny blue jeans on a trip to Los Angeles.

The former reality TV star was in town with her mom Michelle and sister Ginger, who also wore jeans.

About a month later, she was teasing her home renovation project in jeans.

She has repeatedly worn pants, tight or not, which is strictly against her parents’ policy.

Duggar girls usually wear long-sleeved skirts and shirts, as modesty is part of the rules.


Jim Bob and his wife Michelle are strict conservatives who follow the rules for their children.

The Duggars try to enforce a conservative dress code, discourage the use of contraceptives, and encourage the use of parental companions while they go on pre-wedding dates.

One of the important rules that women in the family must follow is that they must not wear trousers, and when they wear dresses or skirts, they must not show their legs or dress revealingly.

Children are also not allowed to get tattoos and piercings.

They cannot hug face to face and must be accompanied on a date by an adult chaperone.

Children should not drink alcohol or have sex before marriage.

One rule that many Duggars have broken is that they cannot have their own social media accounts.


Although Yana follows most of the rules – she is currently single and still living with her parents – she is rebellious in a way.

Her choice of clothing will not be approved by her father.

Yana wore shirts and dresses where her hands were not covered.

On a trip to the zoo last September, she wore a button-front shirt but left it open, creating a V-neck that is a big no-no.

And last August, Jana really broke down when she went on a trip to Sin City!

The reality TV star took on Instagram share two photos during her trip to Las Vegas.

In one photo, the daughter is smiling in black pants and a matching top, while Jana showed fans the profile of outfit number two in the next picture.

The second ensemble consisted of beige trousers, a black top and sandals.

The Duggar sisters were more rebellious than the brothers and broke many rules.

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Yana is best known for her participation in the reality shows 19 Kids and Counting and Counting On.

“Counting On” has not aired since 2020.

Jana Duggar wears skinny jeans despite her father's ban


Jana Duggar wears skinny jeans despite her father’s banCredit: Social media – link to source
Jana Duggar with her father Jim Bob on the beach


Jana Duggar with her father Jim Bob on the beachCredit: Jana Duggar/Instagram
Jana Duggar breaks her family's dress code by wearing shorts.


Jana Duggar breaks her family’s dress code by wearing shorts.Credit: Jana Duggar/Instagram

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