Jana Kramer responds to John Mayer dating rumors: ‘I’m having fun’

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Her lips are closed—mostly. Yana Kramer behaved modestly when asked about her recent allusions to a date with John Mayer.

The 38-year-old actress opened up about her personal life during an interview with AdditionalX Billy Bushwho playfully asked her, “If you went on a date with John Mayer… stay where you are.”

Kramer didn’t dodge the question, staying where she was as she teased, “Listen, listen, listen. You know, I just… I keep my options open and I have fun.”

The 50-year-old Bush went further, but not before pointing out to his guest: “You, too, are still in your place.”

One tree’s hill Alums raised eyebrows earlier this month when she shared a mysterious piece of news about her single life with listeners on her “Whine Down” podcast, revealing that she “went on a few dates” with a mystery man during a trip to Los Angeles.

Jana Kramer denies rumors that she went on a date with John Mayer 2 Mike Cossin

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Is this the person I know? the producer asked her, to which the Michigan native replied, “Oh, my body is not a wonderland,” apparently referring to Mayer’s 2001 hit. Room for squares.

Former Dancing with the Stars The contestant has been open about her ups and downs in the relationship since her breakup in April 2021 with Mike Kossin. The ex went through several public cheating scandals throughout her marriage before she filed for divorce, completing the paperwork in July 2021. Kramer and the former NFL star, 35, share a daughter, Jolie, 6, and a son, Jace, 3.

After splitting from Cossen, the “Why Ya Wanna” singer was briefly linked to Jay Cutler. During her Additional In an interview, Kramer said she left with the former Chicago Bears quarterback “too soon.”

soccer mom madam the star went on a date Jan Schinelli for several months, but in May the couple broke up. To deal with her broken heart, Kramer turned to her music.

“I can’t tell exactly who she’s talking about,” she told Bush about a new song called “The Nicest Thing” as he wondered who inspired her to create the track. “I think that it’s [about] anyone who’s come into your life that you’re just like, “Oh,” like, “That was such a headache that it would have been better not to even say hello to each other.” I mean, there is definitely an element of that relationship. I would like us both to be saved from this.”

She continued: “I think for myself, [writing music] was just a fun, cheeky way of just saying, ‘You know, dates can be hard… and sometimes the nicest thing I could say about our relationship was just, like, I just wish we never even said hello to each other.’ “

Kramer then admitted that her fling with Cutler could be applied to the song. “It would be nice not to say hello,” she joked, referring to the song’s lyrics.

Through all her ups and downs, Kramer is still “open to meet people” and will hopefully find The One. “I definitely go on dates, but no one has been that serious,” she explained. “I really enjoyed just finding out what I want, what I don’t like, and I really enjoyed just dating this summer. … I have never dated without a serious relationship, so it was nice to say, “OK, let me, for example, really get to know this person,” because I think in the past I have definitely been too quickly plunged into things . And so I’m trying to take my time and just really slowly date, and it’s been really fun.”

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