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In January 2017, Janet Jackson welcomed son Eissa Al Mana, aged 50, with her then-husband Wissam Al Mana, whom she was married to from 2012 to 2017, as they separated just months after Eissa was born. Since then, Jackson has been vocal about her love for her new role as a mom and all the joy Aissa, now 5, has brought to her life. And while she and Al Mana have been known to hide the image of their child, Jackson has actually spoken a lot about her life with her son and what he’s been like over the years. We know that he is a music lover (surprise surprise) who plays the cello and violin and loves to dance to the Michael Jackson he loves. paw patrol and pancakes, and that his mom’s face lights up when he runs into the room. Looking through the photos and videos that Jackson has shared over the years, she may not be putting his face on display, but traces of her life with Aissa and the childhood things that occupy her life are all over the place.


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Read on for our favorite Jackson mom stories, starting with our all-time favorite photo of mom and son.

“You grow up so fast”

As Eissa grows up, his mom does her best to not post his image on social media. In fact, she went so far as to just share cute messages about Aissa’s birthday without a picture of the baby in sight. For his 5th birthday on Jan. 3, Eissa’s adoring mom posted this touching tribute to her son. – You’re growing up so fast. Such a smart handsome boy,” wrote Jackson. “I wish you a life full of magical moments. You are mother’s love. Happy 5th birthday baby! There was so much love in every word written by a favorite artist in their post; it was hard to hold back the tears. We love this practice she’s started sharing, and even if we can’t see Eissa with our own eyes, we know he’s “growing up so fast” – and every mom knows what it’s like.

Welcome to the world, Aissa!

At just four months old, radiant, proud mom Jackson introduced baby Aissa to the world with that precious yawn.

Baby Aissa is coming

A little over a year later, Eissa has clearly turned into a home for toddlers. Near the end of this video message to his fans, Jackson pauses and notes that you can hear Aissa’s footsteps approaching her and the sound of a hoarse baby giggle: “You hear my baby footsteps, my baby Aissa,” she says. smiling before quickly ending the call as Eissa demands to be detained.

“Okay baby, okay honey, I’m here,” she reassures him. “Alright, I’ll take you baby.”

christmas time

It’s Christmas for Mom Jackson and Aissa, which means one adult size Christmas tree and wreath, and one Aissa size.

spring cleaning

We know that this boy will be raised properly! Jackson shows his assistant Aissa a small cleaning bucket to help her mom with spring cleaning.

paw patrol

Like many kids, Jackson’s little son can’t seem to get enough paw patrol — and they returned the love by sending gifts not only to Eissa, but to all of his classmates, pictured here by Jackson.

baby’s first car

At Christmas 2019, Jackson let her fans discuss the Christmas present she was considering for 2-year-old Aissa: thoughts?

Eissa’s island hideout

Like many moms, Jackson has had to get creative during quarantine while keeping her son Aissa entertained, and one of their projects included building a playhouse with “Life on the Island of E” written on it.

pancake duty

Sometimes Jackson lives the life of an international superstar and performs in front of thousands. On other days, she is bound by the whims of her toddler and his need for breakfast. Relative AF.

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