Jason Momoa fans shocked to find out who he’s dating

Fans of Jason Momoa were shocked to find out who he was allegedly dating.

This happened after he announced his breakup with his longtime partner Lisa Bonet.

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Now who not Have you heard of Jason Momoa?

Born in 1979 in Honolulu, Hawaii, the six-foot actor has recently become a household name.

He has been at the center of some of our favorite shows over the years…

And many don’t know that before becoming an actor, he actually studied both marine and wildlife biology, proving that he is more than just a pretty face.

One of his first big roles was on Stargate: Atlantis.

The sci-fi military hybrid was actually quite successful. Momoa played Ronon Dex to critical acclaim.

This pushed him into the acting world …

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And in 2011, Momoa starred in the first series Game of Thrones.

This, no doubt, made his career.

Game of Thrones became much more successful than anyone could have imagined. And Momoa’s character, Khal Drogo, quickly became a fan favorite.

Despite the fact that his character was quite cruel …

As a leading warrior in the wild Dothraki tribe, Momoa was, unsurprisingly, quite brutal. In one particularly memorable scene, Drogo brutally killed Viserys Targaryen by pouring molten gold over his head.

But fans were more interested in his relationship with Daenerys…

In the first episodes of the show’s first season, Drogo married Daenerys Targaryen in an arranged ceremony.

Through trials and tribulations, they have become closer as a couple…

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The two seemingly opposite characters developed real feelings for each other, and their love story has become one of the sweetest and most sincere in the series.

Unfortunately it didn’t last as long as we hoped…

He was wounded during the battle, and this wound became infected. To save his life, Daenerys was forced to sacrifice her future son to the witch. But the returned Drogo was alive only in words. He was unconscious and Daenerys had to put him to sleep.

Despite his early departure, Momoa is still a fan favorite. Game of Thrones canon…

And after the show, his career really went up. He first appeared as DC superhero Aquaman in 2016. Batman v Superman – and Aquaman was so loved that in 2018 he starred in his own solo film.

The Aquaman character was also part of the 2017 film. Justice League.

The character was so well liked that in 2018 the DC Universe decided it was time for a solo movie. Aquaman was a massive success.

Many were surprised that the film handled it well, given the fact that Aquaman is often seen as something of a joke in the comics.

People were also excited to see the superhero played by colored person.

Since success AquamanMomoa was gaining strength.

He had a leading role in the 2018 Canadian action film. Brave, to commercial and critical success.

It even made it to Netflix…

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In one of the most famous CBC series, Border, which first aired in 2016. It tells the story of the North American fur trade in the eighteenth century.

He also immersed himself in the world of filmmaking.

Earlier in 2020, he created a short film in collaboration with clothing brand Carhartt called Canvas of my life. The film tells the story of Momoa’s fatherhood.

Aside from his career, Momoa is also known for his incredible relationship with Lisa Bonet…

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In 2005, Momoa met the actress and the couple began a relationship. While there were reports that they got married in 2007, they didn’t actually tie the knot until 2017.

Momoa has always been open about his love for Bona. In 2019, he shared with Esq. that she was his childhood love when she starred in The Cosby Show.

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“I mean, I didn’t tell her that. I didn’t let her know I was a stalker until we had kids,” he joked, adding that “if someone says something is impossible, I’m like, ‘Look, I married Lisa Bonet. Everything is possible”.

Together they form a wonderful family…

The couple have a daughter, Lola Iolani Momoa, born in 2007, and a son, Nakoa-Wolf Manakawapo Namakeha Momoa, born in 2008.

Momoa is also the stepfather of singer and actress Zoe Kravitz.

But recently, Momoa shared some very hard news about his relationship with Bonet.

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The actor revealed in his Instagram post that he and Bonet are divorcing.

Momoa explained that they are “separating in marriage”.

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“We have all felt the contraction and change of these transformational times… A revolution is unfolding~ and our family is no exception… feeling and evolving from the seismic shifts that are taking place,” the statement begins.

“So ~ We share our family news ~ That we are breaking up in marriage. We’re not sharing this because we think it’s newsworthy ~ but so that ~ in our lives we can do it honorably and honestly.”

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He continues: “The love between us continues, evolving in the direction it wants to be known and lived. We set each other free ~ to be what we are learning to become… Our unwavering commitment to this sacred life and to our children… Teaching our children what is possible ~ Living by prayer… May love prevail.” Post signed, J&L.

The news of their divorce came as a huge shock to fans.

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And has made many worried about the couple, especially after it was revealed that Momoa was reportedly living in a van parked in his friend’s yard.

But then, after Momoa announced his divorce, a photo of him with Emilia Clarke caught the eye.

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Fans have been talking a lot about a photo of Momoa and Emilia Clarke that was posted on his Instagram page last year.

Some people seem less than impressed with the photo, as it shows Momoa and Clark smiling as she sits on his lap with a caption that calls her “the moon of my life.”

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“MOON OF MY LIFE. you wonderful love u forever @emilia_clarke #smilelyeyes happy birthday benioff you handsome generous badass leo aloha j.”

It is clear that the couple is very close, but despite the rumors, it seems that their relationship does not go further …

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Moreover, a source close to Momoa and Bona claimed that the couple were back together.

This was told by one of Momoa’s friends. Hollywood lifethat he even moved into her house…

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The outlet claims a source said, “Jason got back with Lisa about two weeks ago and they’re back together. They decided to work on things rather than give up because they invested so much in each other.”

According to the source, “Lisa was and always has been the only woman Jason has ever loved.”

Momoa broke the silence…

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And what Momoa said caused a huge reaction from fans who expressed their support for the actor.

Momoa attended with his children Batman world premiere in New York in support of Zoe Kravitz.

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During the premiere, Momoa spoke to Entertainment tonight on how he was “so proud” of Kravitz when he added that “Lisa can’t be here”.

After the premiere, Momoa took to Instagram to discuss the event and Kravitz’s success.

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Writing that he is “so proud” of Kravitz, but people were more interested in Momoa, also touching on his public divorce.

Sharing photos from the premiere, Momoa wrote, “I’m so glad everyone saw @thebatman @zoeisabellakravitz you’re perfect as Catwoman I’m so proud of you.”

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“So excited @snl next week that you will kill him. We had a great time in New York.”

Momoa then said, “Lisa couldn’t be here so we’re introducing me and the kids. We’re really happy just to be here… It’s still a family, you know?”

“Waving to the fans and the press for being generous and giving us space for the kids, and it’s hard enough to separate in the public eye,” he wrote. “We value privacy in these times, aloha Jay.”

He went on to reinforce his previous reports of the split during an interview at the Oscars…

“We are not together anymore. We are a family,” he said. Access to Hollywood. “We have two wonderful children.”

And now fans are shocked by reports that Momoa is dating someone else.

But first, let’s see what people have to say about the rumors…

“Jason Momoa dating?! And it’s not with me?! Ugh… my heart,” one person joked. Twitter.

“Is it just me, or do celebrities seem to move really fast?” anyone else interrogated.

“I can’t even text back… What does Jason Momoa have that I don’t?” another user wrote.

And many other people shared their sadness that Momoa and Bonet couldn’t solve this problem.

But anyway, there have been reports that Momoa is dating someone else.

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This came a few months after the announcement of his separation.

It is reported that 32-year-old actress Eiza Gonzalez and Momoa began a romantic relationship.

This happened when Momoa attended the premiere of Gonzalez for her latest film. Ambulance.

Sources from People talking about romance…

“They meet. He takes care of her. He’s in a great place, working on Fast X. He’s very busy and he’s in a good place,” they said.

Both of them are busy with work, but they have fun together. So far, nothing serious,” another source said.

Whatever happens, we hope Momoa is happy!

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