Jay Hernandez of Magnum P.I. weighs the whole thing with seat belts

It’s a familiar scene for Magnum PI. The bad guys engage in a brief gunfight with Magnum and Higgins and then drive away in their cars while our heroes chase after them in theirs. But between dodges and dangerous skids on twisty Hawaiian freeways, it seems like the Magnum really lives on the edge without flicking a seatbelt. Except that it’s not really the whole scenario. As Jay Hernandez noted in an interview television line, the actor technically wears a seat belt while filming. He simply hides the strap under his shoulder as he finds it odd that his character should wear one.

Hernandez told TV Line, “I was like, ‘Why can we walk around with guns and shoot people, but you make me put my seatbelt on every time I get in a car?’ He also added in an interview that this is 100% his decision. Coincidentally, this somewhat mirrors Selleck’s version of the character. For example, even in original opening showSelleck can be seen driving without a seat belt. However, the move continues the well-known trend of Hollywood movies and TV series not using seat belts. Per NBC NewsThe absence of seat belts on TV is now coming at an inopportune time as there has been an actual decrease in the number of people using seat belts and an increase in traffic accidents. Maybe next season we’ll see Magnum wear the safety device properly.

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