Jay-Z’s Team Roc Raises $1 Million To Investigate Wrongful Convictions In Kansas City

When it comes to change, you can’t deny that JZ is working, especially in the black community. JZ is always reaching out to help in his pockets through his various foundations. Even if it is exposing access to high school students. HBCUs Advocating for criminal justice reform through his Sean Carter Foundation or Team Rock, Jay continues to use his platform to support a variety of causes throughout his career.

The team has been working hard since September, demanding legal action against the Kansas City, Kansas Police Department. Team Rock has requested the release of investigative files, personnel records, and allegations of indecency with the officer. According to Kansas City Star. Kansas City, Kansas, attorneys claim officers have abused their authority, fabricated witness statements, fabricated evidence, concealed insults and solicited sexual favors from victims and witnesses.

Yesterday, Team Rock made a significant donation to support the Midwest Innocence Project Works to liberate those whose legal system has failed. Kansas City Star. He said he facilitated a total of $ 1 million in donations to the Local Innocence Project to investigate wrongdoing in Windhoek County.

Tricia Rojo Bushnell, Executive Director of the Midwest Innocence Project, talks about the big donation. “It’s a huge investment. The ability to look at these cases will really shed light on what we need to do to provide a criminal legal system in Windhoek County.”

Vendote County has a history of serious injustices, such as Lamonte McIntyre. Lamonte was wrongly convicted and spent 23 years in prison for two murders. Another recent case is that of Owen “Pete” Cowan Jr., who was released after serving 12 years in prison for the murder of a man who died of cancer who was not diagnosed 108 days after his release. With the support of Team Rock, 40 convicted people in the county have applied for the Innocence Project to investigate their cases.

We’d love to see it! Keep insisting on changes in JZ.

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