Jennette McCurdy Describes Serious Violations on Nickelodeon Cult Sets

In a Washington Post profile, Jennette McCurdy notes that she has largely recovered from her eating disorders and now has a better relationship with alcohol than during those dark years of her life. The death of her mother in 2013 was a wake-up call that forced her to make major changes in her life for the better. McCurdy says she forced herself to start going to therapy, saying, “Coming to terms with the reality of how my life was was not easy. It wasn’t painless. It is through consistent work and research that it has become liberating and healing.”

McCurdy has retired from acting in recent years, her most recent project being the Netflix series Between, which ran from 2015 to 2016. Meanwhile, McCurdy told the Post that her former co-star Miranda Cosgrove contacted her about being in the 2021 film. iCarly for streaming service Paramount+, but she didn’t hesitate to say no. Explaining his decision to turn down the iCarly reboot, McCurdy says, “That time of my life was so steeped in the baggage of not wanting to be there, my mom, the environment I was in — I wish I could have been able to have a little more peace with it.” .

While the details Jennette McCurdy reveals about her childhood as a star are heartbreaking, it looks like she’s working on healing and moving forward.

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