Jennifer Aniston revealed that Joey and Rachel were almost out of the show

To think that the show would have been different if Rachel and Ross had been removed due to Aniston’s scheduling dispute.

Ross and Rachel.

In a recent interview with Jack Hamilton, Jennifer Aniston Here is some news about Friends. This will definitely shock the fans.

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On September 11, Hamilton sat down to give an interview. Reese Witherspoon And Aniston for his drama series, Morning show..

The two actors played Bradley Jackson and Alex Levy in the show respectively. He also serves as the show’s executive producer.

Hamilton took a moment from the show where Levy took charge of his career and asked Aniston: “Do you remember the first moment of your career where you paused and said, ‘No, I’m making this decision. And that’s how we’re doing it? ”

Einstein then recalls a moment of conversation. Friends., Where executives were trying to separate the six main characters and saying they didn’t need Joy or Rachel, or just a combination of the two. “There’s no show without six of us,” he said. He also told Hamilton: “I remember we need to own our strengths and know our worth and our worth.”

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This was not the first time that Aniston’s character, Rachel, had almost cut off the show. Before filming, Rachel was almost written. The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes. Aniston filmed several episodes for the upcoming comedy, Tangle, Which was to be broadcast on NBC’s rival network, CBS. To avoid the situation, NBC took a scheduling measure that broadcasts a series of films similar to Aniston’s other shows, allowing the audience to turn to NBC. This move saved Rachel.

Martha Coffman, co-creator. Friends., Has been revealed before. Chandler and Phoebe meant secondary characters. On the show. It’s hard to imagine a show without six main characters though.

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Aniston also raised. Friends. During the second interview with Hamilton. When asked when she would like to see her character in her professional career. Morning show. Regarding the report, he replied, “How will Alex handle the end. Friends.? ”

The second season of Morning show. It is set to premiere on September 17, 2021.

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