Jennifer Garner advises fans not to inject anything in the face

Fans are praising Jennifer Garner for being candid about her appearance, revealing that she believes no one should do facial fillers…

Garner has been back in the spotlight recently, and simply because of Bennifer’s news.

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She recently opened up about her post-pregnancy body and how she’s coping with it not bouncing back, and now the star has shared her thoughts on aging gracefully…

Society is now putting a lot of pressure on moms to not only play the perfect role but also look the same, and as a result, many women feel the need to “bounce back” to the body they had before pregnancy.

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For women in the public eye, this pressure increases tenfold, and it can have huge impact on their self-esteem, even a negative impact on their mental health.

However, actress Jennifer Garner is doing her best to shatter that idea that we all need to “come to our senses” and instead promote positive body image for all women struggling with their bodies after having a baby.

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She spoke out on the podcast and revealed that people are still spreading rumors that she’s pregnant because of her supposed “belly”. Garner said, “I’m 48 and single. And it’s still happening.”

“It’s just a body. Be grateful for it. It took you so far. He carried children for you. What else do you want? My God.” She explained“The bump isn’t going anywhere. His names are Violet, Sam and Sera.”

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She is added: “I can work really hard and I can be in good shape and still look like a woman who had three kids and I always will.”

People praised the star after she spoke out, shared their stories and thanked her for being candid about having a realistic body image.

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One Facebook user wrote: “I think she looks fantastic. And most importantly, she’s a damn amazing person. It’s good that she takes it easy and loves herself for who she is. Also people… stop asking women if they are pregnant. This sets everyone up for resentment and/or embarrassment. If you see someone and think that he is pregnant, just silently be happy for him and send him a good mood. That’s how everyone wins.”

Another commented, “There is a reason mom jeans exist. For moms and their new bodies. Bringing new life into the world is hard work, so of course mom’s body changes forever. Not only during pregnancy, but also during breastfeeding. Everything changes.”

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“This is a real woman and mother. She is beautiful inside and out. Love yourself. Love your body. So inspiring!” wrote a third.

And it seems like she has regained the respect of fans after sharing her thoughts on fillers.

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A fifty-year-old man spoke about this in an interview Harpers Bazaarexplaining that she believes no one should “stab your face” with fillers.

And many fans agree with her comments…

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One Facebook user wrote: “Wow. She’s crazy about looking in the mirror too much. There’s a whole world to see there, and life is short. Enjoy it.”

Jennifer Garner is amazing! Also, if you think injections will give you confidence, GO! No one can tell you how YOU should age!” another commented.

Garner shared: “Be careful when it comes to injections in the face. Be very, very incredibly reasonable and wait as long as you can to add something.”

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She explained, “Don’t think you’re 37 and need to be shot in the face.”

The actress advised fans to “look less in the mirror, get less obsessed and look at the rest of the world to see what you could use your time for instead.”

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Adding, “We’re all looking at our faces more than people are used to, and it doesn’t do you any good.”

But this isn’t the first time Garner has spoken about beauty injections.

Speaking with Real style Back in 2020, she admitted to having caved and had Botox before: “I’ve done Botox a few times and I don’t like it – I don’t want a cold face,” she said.

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She then came up with a better alternative: “Nothing looks better at 50 than SPF at 20 – Doris Day, MD, NYC Certified Dermatologist, told me this and I asked her if I could steal it because this is true. ,” she explained.

“At 20, you don’t care what you look like at 50, but someday you will!” Garner continued.

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“That and facial cleansing every night, at least use face wipes; people laugh when i say this because i have been using them for so long but i use them even in the middle of the day after a hike and with SPF they give you a fresh start. And take care of your neck. Enjoy your neck.”

So you have it!

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