Jennifer Lopez fans shut down the age-old troll as new photos with the Ben Affleck drop.

New photos of Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck. Drop online every day, Feeding the fans. Benifer’s food. As the power couple have revived their romance since the early 2000s.

After shaking the attendees at the Venice International Film Festival, the JLO and the Oscar-winning director were spotted together. As close photos of the couple began circulating on social media, some age-old trolls tried to come for Lopez but her fans didn’t have it.

Jennifer Lopez’s fans turn off the old trolls.

It is a fact that is universally recognized that the forms of singer and actress are ageless. However, a user on the celebrity gossip page @ deux.discussion was brave enough to make Lopez old at 52 years old. Men and women

“Ben Affleck will never be with a woman in the 50’s,” the comment said.

According to the man, Affleck, 49, is technically about 50, and will never date a woman his age. Let it sink in

One Instagram user replied, “Except she doesn’t look like she’s in her 50s.”

“Did he tell you?” Someone else asked

Another JLo fan wrote, “And she can do what a younger woman can do. She has the energy.”

And if he. Hustlers. The scene where Lopez eats the pole dance routine is not proof of that, we don’t know what it is.

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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck chose things where they left off.

Lopez and Affleck revived the spark about twenty years ago this year. Lopez separates from baseball player Alex Rodriguez.

Just a day after the couple announced their engagement, Rodriguez was accused of cheating on Lopez. Former Yankees baseball player Jose Cansico has claimed that Rodriguez, along with his ex-wife, is cheating on the singer waiting for tonight. Lopez and Rodriguez did not comment on the allegations, but Jensica, Kenesco’s ex-wife, denied the allegations.

Rodriguez and Lopez’s relationship has been tainted for years by other rumors of fraud. After JLo was spotted without her engagement ring earlier this year, rumors of a break-up became permanent. The former couple announced that they are breaking up in a joint statement. The Today show..

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20 things Jennifer Lopez wants to keep secret about her past relationships.

He has had many relationships over the years – both high profile and private.

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