Jennifer Love Hewitt Shares 1st Photo of 1-Month-Old Son Aidan

He is there! Jennifer Leo Hewitt He showed his 1-month-old son Eden for the first time on Wednesday, October 13.

The 42-year-old actress said in an Instagram story selfie that “Fall Vibes” shows the back of her child’s head. The little boy was dressed in leaves.

Jennifer Leo Hewitt gives her first glimpse of her 1-month-old son Eden: photo.
Courtesy of Jennifer Leo Hewitt / Instagram

A Texas native who is also the mother of 7-year-old daughter Autumn and 6-year-old son Atticus. Brian Halice.Keep showing Halloween decorations in your home, from candles to swimming to witch hats.

Of 9-1-1. Star She gave birth to her youngest child. In September, she shared the news at the hospital with an Instagram photo of her naked baby bump covered in stickers.

“Well, that’s how my kids sent me to the hospital,” Hewitt said in a black and white Instagram photo last month. “My belly was a big hit. It is said that women leave their bodies in toil; they travel to the stars to gather the souls of their children and return to this world together. Eden James K. It was my greatest honor to go and collect you. Now back to smuggling and relaxation. “

At the end of the same month, I know what you did last summer. Starr posted a photo The heart-shaped necklace she wears in honor of her three children..

“Thank you @g.rockla for making this beautiful necklace that I wear every day now. It brings all my kids together and shows them in my heart,” Hewitt said via Instagram. “I love you.”

Eden came a month later. Criminal minds Alum’s pregnancy shows, in the caption, “Oh baby! We have another way. Finally, I’m excited to share this new one with you all.”

He and Halise. They got married in November 2013., The same month as the birth of autumn. Atticus was born. Two years later.

As a working mother, the Golden Globe nominee loves to show it to her children. She is nothing more than “their mother.”.

“It’s been a great experience for me,” Hewitt said. We are weekly. In August 2019. “I feel like I’m in a beautiful show for my daughter. My son doesn’t really understand that much, but he really is my daughter. [does]. ”

in fact , Client list. The eldest of the alum raised his mother while studying emergencies at school. Hewitt said. We“She was like, ‘Oh, just call my mom if you’re in an emergency. She’s not going to help you. She’s going to send someone else to do it,’ and I did.” It was like, ‘Thank you so much, baby.’ He asked me, ‘How do you always answer the phone, but you don’t really help anyone?’ ‘

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