Jennifer Nettles is looking forward to new “wild and sassy” seasons of the big show

V Big show like nothing else! In this series of games, a group of brave contenders fight to win the $ 100,000. On January 6, the reality show will triumphantly return to the living room screens, with several familiar faces returning as judges.

Jennifer Nettles, T-Payne, Rosario Dawson and Cody Rhodes serve as the show’s celebrity judges, with comedian Bert Kreischer taking on the MC. Ahead of the season premiere of the show, Things had the opportunity to speak with Nettles about her experience working on side projects and what she hopes for the future Big show


Nettles when juggling multiple projects

Nettle has been busy in the last year. In addition to her inspiring philanthropy and hosting career, the country singer has graced the Broadway stage and released a new studio album, Always Like New. When it comes to juggling multiple projects, Nettles told us that “balance” is not part of her routine.

“There is no balance. The balance just goes off scale. I just try to look at it more like a dance. I have to show up on command at the right time, take my seat at the right time and do the right movements, and then move right on to the next moment and the next hit.” , – she said.

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She continued to share, “I think balance is unattainable. But I really think you can have a good rhythm. “

Nettle hopes for wilder and bolder seasons

Immediately immersed in the exciting topic, we asked Nettles about her hopes for the future. Go big show… She has a story to tell about the upcoming season by telling us, “I’m going to talk about it, this season is so good.”

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She went on to say that she is looking forward to the public reaction to the show’s continuation. The nettles continued. “I can’t wait to see and hear all the feedback from the fans and all the new fans he gets because it made the leap.” The singer shared that the show has taken on a “broader dimension” when it comes to the chosen performers and the scale of the show’s production, which is saying a lot considering that bikes for motorcyclists, monster trucks, rattlesnake tamers and more were featured last season. … …

She added, “I’m just glad people will see this superiority.”

Go-Big Show Season 2 will premiere on January 6 at 9 / 8c on TBS.

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