Jennifer Nettles talks about representing women while working with Rosario Dawson

Fans Big show On January 6, 2022, the large-scale series returns to TBS. This competition showcases talents never seen before, including risk-taking monster trucks, rattlesnake fighters, stunt archery and more.

Celebrity judges Jennifer Nettles, T-Payne, Rosario Dawson, Jennifer Nettles and Cody Rhodes bring the show to life with astonished commentary and humorous commentary on every act. At the end of each episode, the most impressive entrants are selected to advance to the finals, with the final winner receiving a prize of $ 100,000.


In our previous review Big showCountry star Jennifer Nettles called the upcoming season “a kick in the pants” and told us what comes to her mind as she sits in the judge’s chair. Laughing at the shocking factor of the show’s performance, the “Do What You Can” singer said, “Sometimes I’m ecstatic. I’m shocked. Often I’m inspired and sometimes I’m repulsive.”

Deepening the conversation Things was also able to chat with the 47-year-old singer about how Big show embraces talented women both on and off screen.

Nettle calls Rosario Dawson “lady boss”

Nettles has done an incredible job for women when it comes to issues of fair representation and equal pay, and thankfully this is reflected in the work she signs up for. The singer is known to spark the conversation at the 2019 Country Music Awards by wearing a white suit with a black feminist symbol. It was paired with a hot pink cape that said “play our fucking records” and “equal pay.”

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Refereeing discovery Big show Nettles shared with actor Rosario Dawson, “Being on this show with Rosario is amazing. And she does such a fantastic job. ” Continuing to talk about her co-star, the singer added, “She’s such a boss.”

Go-Big Show presents women

But Go-Big Show’s the representation of women does not end there. Nettles went on to say that the show covers women’s talents and skills in different ways. “We have a lot of women who are in production,” she explained.

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“And surprisingly, you will also see a lot of women featured on this show. That’s what is also so interesting about this show. This is not your typical competitive show in terms of [the acts] ambient performing arts, singing and dancing, Nettles continued to explain. – This is not the show, this is everything except this. This show combines daredevil and rides, motocross with adrenaline junkies and incredibly shocking value. “

The Sugarland singer added, “It combines danger. It combines all these elements. So it’s really interesting to see some of the women featured on the show this season as they are. “

Go-Big Show Season 2 will premiere on January 6 at 9 / 8c on TBS.

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