Jenny Mollen and Jason Biggs suffered a miscarriage during the pandemic

I share my story. Jenny Mollen spoke about two miscarriages with her husband Jason Biggsone of which occurred during the coronavirus pandemic.

The 43-year-old actress spoke about her pregnancy Chrissy Teigen on Thursday, September 22, noting on an Instagram story that she was inspired to come up with her own story thanks to thrust cookbook author, 36 years old. “When @chrissyteigen wrote about miscarriage and abortion treatment, I had to stop and think,” Mollen wrote. “Jason and I had two miscarriages during our relationship. The first was at the beginning of our relationship, and the second was during the pandemic.”

Angel The alum continued: “Both times I needed D&C [dilation and curettage] I had an abortion and both times I was so grateful to live in a country where this is possible.”

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Mollen’s first Instagram story featured a photo of a pregnancy test, and the next slide featured a selfie taken in an examination room. “I didn’t want this to happen,” she added. “But thank God, when it happened, I was in such capable hands. I am standing [with] @chrissyteigen and all the other brave women who help bring attention to this important issue. Thanks also to @busyphilipps for teaching me over and over again why we shouldn’t be silent. The right to abortion concerns all of us.”

Live fast, die hot The author argues that her and Teigen’s experiences prove that “abortions are medical procedures that save lives and are of vital importance,” a view that activists continue to advocate after the Supreme Court’s ruling in Roe v. Wade was overturned earlier in this article. year. Mollen called the judgment “shameless” and reiterated that the right to safe abortion should not be left in the hands of “politicians who don’t understand how our bodies work.”

Mollen and Biggs, 44, have been married since 2008 and have two children: Sid, 8, and Lazlo, 4. Last year, the American Pie actor explained why he and Mollen are not in favor of further expanding their family.

“It really closed the door on that idea,” he said exceptionally. Us weekly in February 2021, while reflecting on his family’s quarantine during the COVID-19 lockdown. “Every day I’m like, ‘Wow. What if there was another one of you running around this apartment right now? What will it be like?’ Oh dude.”

Biggs admitted that having another baby is “out of our hands”, elaborating: “It’s one of those things that if it happens, great, but if it doesn’t, we have two healthy little boys. It’s good as it is. If there was a third, I would literally be overthrown. I think right now, as it is, I can still parry the two of them. If there was a third, I think I’d be really, really screwed up.”

Teigen, for her part, has been candid about the ups and downs of her fertility with her husband. John Legend. The couple, who have daughter Luna, 6, and son Miles, 4, were expecting baby #3 in 2020 when the model experienced pregnancy complications at 20 weeks. Initially announcing the loss of her son Jack, Teigen told fans she had a miscarriage. However, her experience has recently been rethought in her mind.

“About halfway through, it became very clear that he would not survive, and neither would I survive without some kind of medical intervention,” she recalled during the Propper Daley “Bad Talk Day” summit on September 15. Let’s just call it what it was. A: It was an abortion. [It was] an abortion to save my life for a child who had absolutely no chance. And to be honest, I never put it together until, actually, a few months ago.”

Former Lip sync battle The co-host and 43-year-old Grammy winner is currently expecting another child. “Finally I feel a baby so I no longer need to send my doctor daily travel messages via ultrasound,” the pregnant star tweeted earlier this week.

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