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Jerry O’Connell’s fans of The Talk say his twin girls Charlie and Dolly look unrecognizable in a rare 13th birthday photo

JERRY O’Connell celebrates her twin daughter’s 13th birthday by sharing a rare snapshot of growing girls.

The Talk host, his wife Rebecca Romaine, and his family spent a sunny day at the beach to celebrate the big day.


Everyone smiles on the twins’ 13th birthday.Credit: Instagram
Jerry O'Connell thanks his twins for letting him take a photo


Jerry O’Connell thanks his twins for letting him take a photoCredit: Alami

On his Instagram pageJerry shared, “Happy 13th ladies. I REALLY appreciate that you both let your mom and me take this picture. So proud of you two! “

Rebecca’s mother shared her own message on her page: “It’s 13! Slow down ladies, this is going too fast. I’m so proud of you two. Happy Birthday, Dolly and Charlie! “

Mom and daughters were all smiling in the accompanying photos, but fans could all comment on how unrecognizable the twins are.

One person commented, “You are wonderful parents! Look at these two beautiful young women. “

Another remarked, “Sorry Jerry, but they both look like mommies.”

Perhaps even more surprising than the girls’ height was that the newly minted teens even posed for photos with their parents.

As Jerry’s 47-year-old dad said, “I REALLY appreciate that you both let your mom and me take this picture.”

The rest of the fans were just as pleasantly surprised.

One person wrote, “It’s a big deal to give permission for a photo. Happy 13th to your beautiful girls. “

Another added, “My 13-year-old screams no when I ask.”

And the third categorically congratulated: “Not a single middle finger … a parental victory.”


49-year-old Rebecca and Jerry rarely share photos of their daughters.

Earlier this month, the X-Men actress posted a photo with her girls next to her.

Trio everyone is smiling as they were enjoying “Sunday dinner with family.”

Before that, Rebecca shared a photo when she sent her girls to school.

The duo smiled with masks around their chins.

Rebecca joked, “Minor dress code violation, but the first day of 7th grade went off without a hitch.”

The spouses have always been somewhat secretive about their children.

Daddy drama

Jerry tried to publish a hilarious post about his daughters in 2020.

He posted a photo of himself and the twins, as well as a confession that shocked fans.

Jerry wrote: “These two have just sung the uncensored version of WAP. I had no idea what WAP means. “

Fans were disappointed by this confession, telling the daytime broadcaster that “there is nothing to be proud of.”

One follower wrote, “This is so inappropriate for children, and we parents are so ignorant.”

Another commentator wrote: “This song is terribly inappropriate. Parents are against many things now. Please don’t try to normalize this. “

A third Instagram user added, “100% unacceptable.”

Jerry was accused of “bad parenting.”

He did not react to the feedback.

Jerry is no stranger to the parenting police.

On the day of his daughter’s 11th birthday, he published a photo of the duet with glasses in hand with the caption: “Someone’s birthday!

He turned a blind eye to the haters who accused him of giving alcohol to his children.

During a performance on The Wendy William Show, he said, “I bought them a shot. My wife and I told them that we bought them vodka, and they said, “Okay.” It was not. It was Sprite. So take it easy, Instagram. “


Jerry was also criticized when he co-founded Conversation with Sherrill Underwood, Amanda Cloates, Natalie Morales and Akbar Gbajabiamila.

Fans criticized him for his “overly dramatic” behavior on the show.

A fan wrote on Instagram: “Question? …. Does anyone find @mrjerryoc too dramatic? Not everyone is hyper-lol. “

Jerry clapped his hands to the fan and replied, “Yes. @Rebeccaromijn knows. “

The family rarely shares photos of everyone together.


The family rarely shares photos of everyone together.Credit: Instagram
Jerry is married to former model Rebecca Romijn


Jerry is married to former model Rebecca RomijnCredit: Getty
Jerry criticized for bizarre behavior on The Talk


Jerry criticized for bizarre behavior on The TalkCredit: Getty

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