Jerry Seinfeld confesses awkwardly that he doesn’t want to be on this late-night talk show

Despite being wildly successful, Jerry Seinfeld is very picky about interviews. In the past, he has feuded with hosts who might forget his awkward conversation with Larry King, which went awry when the host suggested:Seinfeld‘ was cancelled.

In truth, Jerry has his own preferences, including David Letterman. It was clear that Seinfeld had a close relationship with the host, although the likes of Angelina Jolie might disagree after their awkward interview. The same goes for Paris Hilton, who also had a bad interview with Dave.


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Speaking of bad interviews, it in particular didn’t start off on the right foot. Jerry made it clear that he was not the one who wanted to be on the Seth Meyers Show.

Jerry Seinfeld was David Letterman’s boyfriend

Given his history on late-night television, it has become abundantly clear that Jerry Seinfeld is David Letterman’s boyfriend. These two have a friendship that currently goes back almost 40 years.

Plus, the two have had so many memorable interviews with each other, including the last one in 2015, when Jerry Seinfeld re-enacted the original stand-up he performed for his first time on the show.

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The interview was emotional: Seinfeld tried to dissuade David from retirement. Even in recent years, Jerry still praises his work very much.

“I think you couldn’t do more for people than you did,” he said.

“You think of your career as a self-fulfilling, self-aggrandizing, self-enriching pursuit, and if you’re good at it, Mr. Letterman, you’re not that kind of person. If you really think so, you’re screwing up. … People who are good at it do it because they know it makes people happy, and that’s what drives them, and that’s why you were so great. “

Ever since the host retired, it seems like Seinfeld’s late-night appearances have become less frequent. The comedian admitted that he was struggling to find another show, and in truth, along with Seth Meyers, he made it clear that he really isn’t very interested in his show.

Jerry Seinfeld made it clear live that he doesn’t want to be on “Late Night with Seth Meyers”

On the other hand, instead of expressing your excitement about being on the show, Jerry Seinfeld stated that he did not want to do this.

“I don’t have time for this, I really don’t need it, I don’t want it, but they keep calling,” Seinfeld said. “So in the end I say,“ Okay, okay, I’ll continue. ” So what do you think his producer is saying? ‘So what do you want to do?’ I do not want to do anything! I do not want to participate in these shows! “

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The awkwardness seems to have just begun as Jerry further commented that he is not interested in a preliminary interview.

He said he didn’t want to be there from the start, so the exploration had to be on the host’s conscience.

“And I feel that you want this job, you want to be on the talk show, so I think you have to do this job. Because let’s be completely honest, I didn’t call you to say, “I would like to be on your show.”

Fans loved Seinfeld’s honesty and truth be told, the interview wasn’t all that bad.

However, most fans agree that if Jerry wanted this style of interview, he should have gone to another night program.

Craig Ferguson is considered the king of unrecorded interviews by fans

To Seth Meyers’ credit, he did a good job of allowing interviews to go through without prior interviews in front of him. Finished Reddit, fans discussed the interview and how Seinfeld didn’t want to rehearse before the show.

It was clear, according to most fans, Craig Ferguson is the real king of this interview style.

“Talk shows have become so scripted and lazy that it hurts to watch what is written from the script. It sounds and looks so fake.

Craig Ferguson has proven that a show without a script works better, even if it has a bad schedule and little-known celebrities. “

“Craig’s was by far the best, but he probably wasn’t good at promoting what people usually promote on these shows.”

“No one does an unrehearsed night interview better than Craig Ferguson.”

Unfortunately for the fans, Craig’s show is no longer streaming, but at least we’ll always have countless memories to revisit on so many platforms.

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