Jess Rowe spoke about the “resentment” at Karl Stefanovich

Australian TV presenter Jess Rowe makes a surprising revelation in the latest episode of her podcast, speaking candidly about the “bitterness and resentment” she’s felt over the years towards her former TV colleague Karl Stefanovich.

In fact, she says those feelings were only put to rest last year, after Stefanovic issued a public apology to her.

Rowe briefly served as co-host Today show alongside Stefanovich in 2006 before leaving Nine Network due to dramatic circumstances the following year.

Mother of two fired from Today after returning from maternity leave — and her departure made headlines at the time when it was alleged that then-Nine boss Eddie McGuire spoke of wanting to “fire” Rowe during a meeting with Nine executives.

It was an abrupt end to her time online, and Rowe says she never had an in-depth conversation with her former co-host again.

Until, that is, he agreed to be the first guest on her new podcast, Jess Rowe’s Big Talk Showwhen it was launched last year.

It certainly started her new venture with a bang: Stefanovich, holding back tears, apologized to Rowe, telling her that he wished he could be a “better co-host” and protect her more.

Now, to mark the podcast’s first birthday, Rowe told listeners a little more about how she and Stefanovic finally sat down to talk after so many years.

in last episode From a podcast that aired today, Rowe described her time with Stefanovic on Today as “pretty rocky… and that’s putting it mildly.”

Although she praised him for “generous” agreeing to appear on her new podcast, she admitted that she approached the interview still holding on to her issues.

“From my point of view, it was bitterness and resentment,” she said.

“And I don’t like feeling like that because it eats you up. These are such negative emotions. But it was hard for me to get past it. Some part of me always felt heavy, or I looked at Carl’s success, and some part of me was jealous and offended: “Hey, why does this happen to you, but this does not happen to you? to me?'”

She admitted that the free space was “not the right place.” Karl enters…

Jess and Carl’s ‘Nervous’ Reunion

Rowe said both she and Stefanovic were visibly nervous when they sat down together last year after such a long time – she was sweating so much from her “powerful deodorant.” She said the conversation was “uncomfortable … but it was open, rude and honest.”

The turning point for Rowe came at one notable moment on the podcast, when an emotional Carl apologized to his former co-host, admitting he always felt “terrible” for not helping her more when she was kicked off the network.

“You didn’t have a boyfriend around to protect you and help you the way I should have, and for that I’m always sorry,” he told her.

“Part of why I’m here today is to apologize to you. I wish I could be better, better and stronger not only for myself, but for you.”

At the time, Rowe held back tears as she thanked her former colleague for the public apology.

“I am truly sorry. I wasn’t a good host, and I certainly wasn’t a good co-host,” he told her.

Jess: Carl’s apology “lifted me up”

A year later, Rowe told listeners that the apology, which she did not expect, freed her from a lingering grudge against Stefanovic.

“Those words from Carl meant so much to me and I didn’t expect them to make such an impression,” she said.

“It lifted the weight I was carrying. I didn’t mean to carry it, but it was there. It was my baggage, and after our conversation, I felt better.”

She told listeners that she was “forever grateful” to Stefanovic for his “willingness to be vulnerable.”

“He was ready to say, ‘You know what? If I had time again, I would do it differently.”

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