Jessa Duggar criticized for letting kids paint her new cabinets in messy house

JESSA Duggar has been criticized by fans for letting her kids paint her brand new wardrobes.

She shared a video of the renovation progress in her messy home.


Jessa Duggar and Ben Sewald with four children1 credit
Jessa Duggar's children painted on the kitchen cabinets of their renovated home.


Jessa Duggar’s children painted on the kitchen cabinets of their renovated home.Credit: YouTube/Jessa Seewald

Jessa shared the fourth part of the video titled Fixer Upper on her Youtube channel on May 30th.

During the nearly 18-minute video, she shows off her unfinished kitchen.

The camera pans to her cabinets and an unfinished tool window on the counter.

“Good. Here’s something else. I got all these doors dirty and I was about to seal them, and one of my kids grabbed the marker,” she explained.

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Jessa's new house is STILL under construction after the 'savings reset' for renovations

“I did the stupid thing moms do sometimes and left it here. So one of my babies said, “Oh color!” she continued.

Jessa then shows a closet door that has marker marks around the edges.

“You can see it here, just a full circle around it all and a few extra little twists here.”

“You know what I’m discussing. At first I was a little upset, like “why?” but then I thought, you know what? Maybe it will add character,” said Jessa.

“I’m seriously considering just leaving it and flipping over it and it’ll be a keepsake,” the Counting On star explained.

“I could just sand it all down and start over,” she sighed. “But maybe I don’t feel like doing it. And it’s all right.”

“This is real life, you know? Life is messy sometimes. She’s not perfect. A closet may simply be a permanent part of our home decor. Let’s see,” she finished.

Jessa also admitted that she is not always calm about such things, but is trying to learn to let go of the situation.


Her followers had suggestions for her and some even criticized her in the comments.

Many of them agreed that she should sand the door.

“I recommend sanding the Sharpie door. By leaving it, you are leaving the wrong message for children and future children. I love that you want to include their scribbles in the decor, but maybe have them paint on canvas and then hang them somewhere where they can admire their creations. work,” one fan suggested.

“Sand the island door to get rid of the sharpie or it will annoy you and you will end up doing it and it may not match your other doors,” said another.

“Use the closet door as a life lesson – have all the children help remove it – explain why no one should write on furniture or walls. A dry eraser won’t take long,” suggested a third.

Another commenter wrote, “A felt pen can be a good lesson in ‘natural consequences’.” Ask the child who drew it to help you fix it. To what extent is it age appropriate?


Jessa, 29, and her husband Ben Seewald, 27

repairs a house owned by the Immanuel Baptist Church, where he works as a pastor.

It is still under construction after the reality TV stars poured their life savings into refurbishing it.

In exclusive photos obtained by Kristen Bell Tattoos, the house continues to be built a year after the renovation began.

Photographs of the house, located directly next to the church in Springdale, Arkansas, still had construction materials on the front porch.

The front porch was found to be unfinished as two of the wood beams had not been stained or stained.

There was also a construction truck parked outside the house.

The house has four bedrooms and two bathrooms.

Arkansas property records show that the house is still owned by a church located in Springdale.

The house was built in 1950 and the church purchased it in 1985.

Jessa and Ben got married in 2014.

They have four children: Spurgeon, six, Henry, five, Ivy, three, and Fern, 10 months.

Jessa Duggar gives her followers a tour of their renovated home.


Jessa Duggar gives her followers a tour of their renovated home.Credit: YouTube/Jessa Seewald
Jessa Duggar shows off cabinets her kids have painted


Jessa Duggar shows off cabinets her kids have paintedCredit: YouTube/Jessa Seewald
Jessa Duggar with her husband and four children


Jessa Duggar with her husband and four childrenCredit: Social media – contact the source

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