Jessie Nelson burst into tears and ‘cried like a baby’ after listening to her own album

JESY Nelson admitted to “crying her eyes out” after listening to her very personal new album.

The 31-year-old former Little Mix pop star has revealed how she “put her heart and soul” into her latest release, which has struggled since she left record label Polydor.


Jesy Nelson admits she ‘cried like a baby’ while listening to her new album1 credit
She told how she


She told how she “poured out her soul” in her latest release.1 credit

Jesy signed a major solo deal with Polydor Records, which also takes care of Billie Eilish and Sam Fender, last May, but has only released one Boyz single.

The release of the follow-up track to Boyz, which charted at No. 4, and her long-awaited first album were shelved.

However, Kristen Bell Tattoos has exclusively revealed this month that she is in talks with other labels, and it looks like progress on her music is well underway.

Jessie took to her Instagram page to write an emotional post that read: “Just sitting here listening to my album in the car and I literally cried my eyes out like a baby.

Jesy Nelson's fans say the same thing when she poses in a bikini and wig.
Jesse Nelson shows off plump lips in a plunging bra after leaving record company

“Honestly, I have never felt more proud.

“I can’t wait to share this with you guys. I wrote things there that I never, never talked about, I put my heart and soul into it and I hope you love it as much as I do and the people who worked just as hard on it with me.” .

The star ended her message with a red love heart.

Fans will no doubt be thrilled that such raw new music is on the way after being kept in suspense for months.

Jessie broke up with Polydor after they struggled to agree on the direction of her solo music.

A source said at the time, “Jesy has decided now is the right time for her to make a complete break.

“In recent months, she and the label have been going in different directions. And although there was no quarrel, Jesy simply decided that it was better to start over, while everyone was still friends.

Jessie has enjoyed her time with Polydor but feels that instead of continuing to work together with such different musical ideas for the future, she now wants to be able to fully develop her own ideas as an individual artist.”

A second music insider added: “Jesse loves the music she works on and is very proud of it.

“She has been working hard in LA and is determined to make it there and succeed with her solo music.”

A spokesperson for Jessie said: “Jessie Nelson believes she now has the right to move in a new direction. As a result, she decided to part with Polydor.

A spokeswoman for Polydor added, “Polydor has amicably parted ways with Jesse. We enjoyed working with her and everyone at the label wishes her the best for the future.”

Jesy has kept fans updated on her lifestyle in Los Angeles since moving to the States to record her music.

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She recently showed off her bikini figure while trying on wigs.

Shortly after she parted ways with her record label, she pouted her lips in a low-cut bra.

The revelation came after Jessie parted ways with the Polydor label.


The revelation came after Jessie parted ways with the Polydor label.1 credit
She worked on her music in studios in Los Angeles.


She worked on her music in studios in Los Angeles.1 credit
This will be the first solo album by the Little Mix alumni.


This will be the first solo album by the Little Mix alumni.1 credit

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