Jimmy and Holly double down on OnlyFans after Abby Chatfield slapped them

Bachelor stars Jimmy and Holly issued a scathing response after they were criticized by Abby Chatfield for their conflicting views on OnlyFans.

The Bachelor stars Holly Kingston and Jimmy Nicholson have doubled down on their controversial OnlyFans stance as they lashed out at the “hooligans” who are inciting cancellation culture after they handled the wrath of fellow bachelor alumnus, Abby Chatfield.

The Sydney couple, who rose to fame last year on the Channel 10 dating show, took part in Instagram with a lengthy statement regarding the criticism they received last week for never creating a profile on an X-rated platform because they want to be a “role model for future generations”.

In an Instagram Q&A posted last Wednesday, the 32-year-old Nicholson went even further, adding that he thought reality TV stars joining a subscription service to “empower” were “a load of crap.”

Their comments were criticized by Chatfield, who called their views “misogynistic” before unfollowing the duo.

Responding to the backlash in a lengthy shared Instagram post, Nicholson and Kingston, who have since also unfollowed Chatfield, said they would not be “bullied into submission” as they lashed out at the “toxic trend” of canceling those who share other views.

“We have since been subjected to abusive messages, reputational defamations, cancellation attempts, death threats and gross infringement on the basic human right to feel safe in one’s own home,” the couple wrote in a new statement.

“We understand that not everyone will agree with us or like us. But it is such a sad reflection of public discourse in Australia today that dissent can so easily turn into hatred.

“We believe that being ‘progressive and open-minded’ does not mean that you have the same narrow outlook as other people who call themselves ‘progressive and open-minded’. This means that you are willing to tolerate views that differ from yours.”

They added: “It is unacceptable to intimidate, harass or threaten anyone, whether you agree with it or not.

“Also, if you have a public profile, we think it’s especially important to encourage constructive, non-judgmental discussion, not attack.”

They added that they are “not against OnlyFans” but do not believe it is “the best way to empower men and women among young people”.

“It’s a shame that social media sometimes doesn’t create an environment conducive to open and informed debate,” they concluded.

This came after Chatfield, who was previously friends with the couple, criticized the couple for the “shame of sex work”.

Newly Announced masked singer The judge, 27, argued that the couple’s claim that other reality TV stars were “using fame to sell nudity online” was no different from how they walked away from Bachelor to full-fledged influencers.

“Essentially, you’re saying, ‘No judgment, but if you’re doing this, it’s not good, you’re just using your reality TV experience’ – which is exactly what we’ve all fucking done… We commodify content,” she said.

“Obviously sex workers are very different in how they are marginalized (and) in the kind of work they do… I’m not saying that influencers are the same as sex workers, but in that respect I’m saying what you say about your problem. is that people use their reality TV experience to make money… I don’t see how the influence is different in that regard.”

She explained, “I think promoting things like skincare and things you have to take orally and try out is literally using your body to sell a product.”

“All you had to say was: ‘Not for us, but like all power, for you.'”

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