Jimmy Fallon Wants People To Describe A Movie Badly, Gets 40 Hilarious Responses

No film can be worse than a bad written summary. But bringing a cinematic masterpiece from hero to zero, a bad summary can be a work of art in itself. Just think of the matrix described as a movie about a boy who changes his medicine and avoids a literal pill. (Strange Iroles).

It was actually Jimmy. Fallon’s own answer. For your new hashtag challenge. “Take a movie and give it a funny or weird summary, and tag it. # Description Amway Badley.He recently made the announcement on Twitter, which deliberately created a flow of flawed film detail.

Today, we’ve selected some of the best examples you can scroll down to, vote for your favorite and be sure to share your version of #DescribeAMovieBadly in the comments! Oh, and don’t forget to check out Fallon’s previous viral challenges. #MyWeirdRoommate, #AdAWordRuinAMovie And # Wedding Fail..

Image Credit: Jimmy Fallon

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