Jimmy Fallon’s COVID Test Positive Will Not Affect Today’s Show

While Jimmy Fallon recently revealed that he tested positive for COVID-19 during the holiday period, The Tonight Show will not be affected.

Jimmy Fallon's COVID test positive will not affect the evening show, interview with Taylor Swift in the background

Although Jimmy Fallon recently reported that he tested positive for COVID-19 while on vacation, this will not affect “The Tonight Show” schedule – as Fallon confirmed, who therefore confirmed his case by announcing it in yesterday’s continuous broadcast of The Tonight Show.

Despite his exposure to COVID, Fallon looked as cheerful as usual as he chatted with the guests, even telling the public a funny story about how he found out about his positive result.


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Fallon sent to teenage isolation ward after testing positive

Fallon was the first to break the news of his health concerns on Instagramby sharing a photo of him being banished to a small glass-fronted isolation ward in a studio with his 20.3 million followers.

The comedian captioned the message “Hi guys, on the first day of our vacation I tested positive for Covid. I was vaccinated and strengthened and I was fortunate enough to have only mild symptoms. “

“Thank you to the doctors and nurses who work so hard around the clock to get everyone vaccinated. Thanks to NBC for taking the testing protocols so seriously and doing a great job, and also thanks for putting me on What Are You Saying About Willis? in the isolation ward when they told me the news. “

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Reese Witherspoon was quick to wish her all the best

His famous friends were quick to express their good wishes, and Reese Witherspoon commented, “I hope you recovered quickly!”

Demonstrating that he was able to shed light on a potentially harrowing situation, the funny man showed off his comedic skills during his “story,” revealing how he didn’t have to face the pitiful prospect of spending Christmas alone because his two daughters, Frances Cole and Vinnie Rose is also a positive result.

“They [Fran and Winnie] both are fine. Everything is fine. They had snot – Fran had a runny nose for about two days, Vinnie had no symptoms at all.

“But that meant I could go home and spend the holidays with the kids. It was a Christmas miracle! “

It looks like Fallon made the most of this family time. On New Years Eve, he posted a snapshot of his two young daughters playfully wrestling with their father, both sitting on Fallon and pinning him firmly to the ground. The presenter happily wrote under the photo: “New Year’s Eve is BURNING !!”

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