Jimmy Kimmel burst into tears paying tribute to Bob Saget

At the age of 65, legendary comedian and actor Bob Saget tragically passed away.

And people all over the world are heartbroken, with those whose heart he touched so tenderly as he spoke of the tragedy, including Jimmy Kimmel, who burst into tears as he paid an emotional tribute.

Bob Saget died at the age of 65.

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Famous comedian and actor Bob Saget tragically passed away at the age of 65.

He passed away on Sunday at the Ritz-Carlton in Orlando.

In accordance with TMZ, who first reported his death, Saget, best known for playing Danny Tanner in Full House, was found dead at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Orlando.

The hotel security found him unconscious in his room.

The Sheriff’s Department and Fire Department contacted the hotel at about 4:00 pm ET.

He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Saget has toured extensively lately and even posted a post on Sunday urging fans to check his 2022 tour dates.

It’s safe to say that his unexpected death took many by surprise.


Leaving people in intense emotional pain mourning the loss of Saget, who was only sixty-five years old.

So, the hearts of many people were turned to their beloved actor, friend, father and husband.


Including the likes of Jody Sweetin, John Stamos and Candice Cameron Bure, who played with him in Full house comedy show.

One of those who paid tribute to this sensation was Jimmy Kimmel.


And it was extremely emotional.

“I want to say a few words about Bob Saget,” he began on his show.

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“If you read anything about Bob on the Internet last night, if you saw any of the many thoughts of people who knew him personally, the word that came up often was the sweetest,” he said, starting to cry.

“Bob was the sweetest, he was the sweetest person, and people wrote about it because he was true.

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“This is the best word if you have to choose one word to describe it, here it is … Sweetheart.

“I have so many amazingly kind and supportive texts, emails and calls from Bob, he always gave compliments, sometimes he wrote to me just to say that he loves me, and I know that he has done this for a lot of people.

“He was so funny and I’m not talking about Full House or America’s funniest videos, stand-up comedies or movies, I mean really funny,” he continued.

“When you went to a party and saw Bob and his wife Kelly in the corner, you went straight to them and stayed as long as you could.

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“Because he could say something funny about everything and nothing bad about anyone.

“Never, if there were people he didn’t like, he kept it to himself. He was, unlike me, a good person, ”he explained emotionally.

“I went through emails with Bob last night,” he continued. “And some of them were just funny, but some were very serious emails about the life and well-being of our children and how difficult it is to appreciate one of them without the other being right,” he said.

And then he pulled out a piece of paper after reading one email he had written.

“One night, let’s go out and eat some meat and some damn good drinks and talk about how lucky we are to have them,” the email said.

“And we did it many times, when my son was in the hospital, Bob was checked many times, so I want to pass on love to his daughters, his wife Kelly and his friends who loved him so much.

“He was very kind to everyone and had no problem telling you that he loves you and what you mean to him,” he continued.

At that moment, Kimmel remembered the moment he himself, Saget and Stamos were on his show 4 years before Bob’s heartbreaking passing, remembering the deceased Don Rickles.

And he shared a clip of the three talking together. “We love you, Bob,” he finished after showing the video.

Rest in peace.

At this difficult time, our thoughts are turned to the family and friends of Saget.

Rest in peace.

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