Jodie Turner-Smith on playing historical emperor Anne Boleyn

jodie turner smith anne boleyn interview

Jodie Turner-Smith Has an unblemished talent, and shines in the new remake of Joe Anne Boleyn, The actor took on the lead role of King Henry VIII’s second and arguably most memorable wife in the three-episode mini-series streaming on AMC+. Jodie chats with POPSUGAR ahead of the show’s US debut about the specifics of playing the historical figure and Jodie’s relationship with Anne as a mother herself. He also shared what it was like to portray a white British monarch as a black British actor. β€œI was encouraged by filmmakers who were really interested in telling the story in a different way,” she told POPSUGAR, β€œIt really felt like a story about motherhood, which to me was particularly important. was worthwhile.”

The show is a straightforward retelling of Anne’s story: a woman who went through a pregnancy loss amid pressure to produce a male heir, had to overcome the frauds of King Henry VIII, and eventually due to claims of adultery and treason. He died by beheading. Through it all, she worked to protect the future of her daughter Elizabeth – who became queen after several incidents.

“Anne Boleyn, a woman who walked this planet, was certainly not a black woman. But I now have the opportunity to tell a story while we suspend belief about race.”

“Anne Boleyn was a polarizing figure in her time. There was so much about her that was audacious for the time, but audacious in general as it came to our expectations of what women are allowed to do. We haven’t really gone that far. A ‘man’s world,'” Jody told PS. In addition to being a rebel at the time, Anne’s story remains interesting today as she has little or no insight into her life as written from her own words. “She is a woman of mystery who gave birth to a woman who was considered one of the most important monarchs in British history, influencing a major moment in British history to separate Henry from the Catholic Church.” Was responsible . . . she has done it seems like an eternal appeal.”

While Jodie has a kinship with Anne as her nearly 2-year-old daughter, Jenny, viewers of the TV series have to overlook the fact that she is a black woman to tell the story. “There is an attachment to seeing stories that we have long been told in a particular way and told in such a way that as storytellers, as producers, as directors, as writers, As artists… we have an opportunity to shed light on any and all kinds of stories [and] To reframe things to bring stories to new audiences in different ways,” Jody said of the historical oversight. “Anne Boleyn, a woman who walked this planet, certainly a was not a black woman. But I now have the opportunity to tell a story, while we suspend belief about breed and we say, perhaps, Let’s pretend that race doesn’t exist, What is the human story behind this person?”

“I hope that we will be able to tell stories about humanity and where we are focusing on the human experiences we share.”

We say it all the time: Race is a social construct. Anne Boleyn and shows bridgerton established in the Regency era with Black actors equal to their white counterparts This is exactly what history would have looked like if racism had been challenged earlier.

Jody hopes that one day, we’ll be able to tell stories about humanity and where we are focusing on shared human experiences, such as ambition, such as love, boundaries such as motherhood – things that we all share. pass whether we are born into a certain culture or dialect – undeniable caste.” Keep reading to get a glimpse of Jodi as the famous emperor.

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