Joe Biden Praises Companies For Covid-19 Vaccine Requirements – Deadline

President Joe BidenIn a brief remark on the White House campus, corporations and local governments praised the implementation of vaccine requirements, but he still called for the number to go unnoticed. Covid-19 Shots “Unacceptably high.”

“We’ve reached 66 million people, the number of people still unsafe, up from about 100 million in July,” Biden told the South Court auditorium.

“Now is not the time to give up. We have a lot to do. We are in a very critical period as we are working to turn the corner on Cove 19.

Biden said the Department of Labor would soon issue a rule requiring companies with 100 or more employees to meet vaccine requirements. Companies have to confirm that employees have been vaccinated in order to submit to the weekly screening. The White House has already announced the proposed policy, but it has not yet been drafted.

“Every day, we see businesses setting vaccination requirements, and growing numbers show that they work,” Biden said.

“Let’s be clear – vaccination needs shouldn’t be another issue that divides us. That’s why we keep fighting the misinformation out there.”

He cited the case of Southwest Airlines, which earlier this week backtracked on claims that the vaccine mandate had disrupted flights. Biden has previously cited the Walt Disney Company and Netflix for vaccine requirements, citing Fox News policy. Last week, however, it pointed out to Fox Policy that all of its employees needed vaccines. However, Fox Corporation’s policy is for employees to report their status to the company or submit a daily check if immunizations are given.

Biden said the Food and Drug Administration is reviewing data from Modern and Johnson & Johnson boosters. If approved, it would mean that all three vaccines would be available for boosters.

He also said that the FDA and the Centers for Disease Control would decide in the next few weeks whether to allow vaccines for 5-11 children. “We are ready,” Biden said.

Biden has also made progress in dealing with Delta variations, as cases and hospitalizations occur after a relapse in the summer.

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