Joe Exotic starts GoFundMe pleading for help to bring Carol Baskin back

Not only did Joe Exotic go to jail, he also has huge debts. Now the star “King of the Tigers” asks for help to pay off.

Joe Exotic starts GoFundMe pleading for help to bring Carol Baskin back

Joe Exotic wants $ 1 million and is now pleading with the public to chip in. The King of the Tigers created GoFundMe to cover the costs of his decades-long rivalry with Carol Baskin. The perpetrator asks the public for handouts to cover legal costs and his 7-digit trademark infringement settlement.

Joe Exotic is broke and wants you to help bring Carol Baskin back.

With the help of his lawyer, Joe published heartfelt appeal to the public on the GoFundMe page.

“Since I went to prison, my parents have died, my friends have died, and my marriage has fallen apart. My partner even sold my clothes to random people. I will get out of prison with clothes on my back, a $ 1 million sentence and no home or clothes, ”the page says.


The 58-year-old man is currently behind bars after being convicted and sentenced to 22 years in prison. A jury found Joe guilty on 17 federal charges of cruelty to animals and two counts of attempted murder for hire for conspiracy to assassinate Baskin.

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Exotic became famous after the premiere of the series Netflix King of the Tigers: Murder, Mayhem and Madnesswho followed his job as a zoo keeper and fierce rivalry with “that bitch Carol Baskin.” The show became one of the major hits of the pandemic and led to widespread acclaim for Exotic and Baskin.

The Tiger King doesn’t receive many donations, but he may have less time.

Apparently, the eccentric person had to go to the GoFundMe management just to approve the page. TMZ says the page is essentially just a fund to pay Baskin, and an Exotic lawyer thinks this is “outrageous.” Baskin increases legal costs. “Against a person with cancer and no property.”

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Exotic begged the fans of the show to help him start over, which he said was impossible for him without paying off his debts: “Simply put, I can’t start over until I pay that bitch Carol. Baskin is back. “

A petition for free exotic was launched on after King of tigers gained widespread popularity and now has 23,000 signatures. Sadly, it looks like the public has long forgotten about Joe Exotic, and he has raised just $ 30 so far, far from the $ 500,000 goal. Ouch.

Although Joe may be getting some good news soon. At the end of this month, he was given a new sentence, which can knock some time out of his jail

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