Joe Millionaire Awkwardly Forced to Send Member Home at Revival Premiere

Joe Millionaire is back on Fox, but this is definitely not the dating reality show you might remember.

Instead of tricking a group of women into dating a man they thought was a millionaire, it involves two men, Kurt Sowers and Stephen McBee, 27 – one costs $ 10 million and the other doesn’t.

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Joe Millionaire: Richer or Poor The premiere offered drama and chemistry fans the expected show. The Thursday night premiere already included a big twist. It turns out that Stephen recognized one of the women in the crowd!


The participant is forced to leave the reality show ahead of schedule

When it became known that the couple knew each other, Steven immediately spoke to another bachelor, Kurt, and then to the host of the show, Martin.

According to Stephen, he and Caroline have never met in person, but have previously met on the dating app Hinge and followed each other on Instagram. She knows who he is and his level of wealth.

“If Caroline knows that Stephen is rich, the assumption that I am not rich will become obvious,” said Kurt. “So, I mean, this could all be destroyed.” Fortunately, this twist has not yet been revealed to the other female members, so the producers were able to act quickly.

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The producers clearly instructed Caroline to leave the group unnoticed. “I’m in trouble,” Caroline asked, to which one of the producers replied, “Well, I wanted to talk to you really, honestly. Who do you know? I need to know what’s going on. “

“The purpose of my visit here was to find love in its true form and to meet women who know nothing about me at all. Nothing, ”said Stephen Caroline. “Sadly, I cannot do this if you know who I am. So I have to send you home. I’m really sorry. It’s nothing against you. “

Caroline responded by saying, “I feel that in a way, you are doing yourself and me a disservice by not recognizing me, for example.” Despite her protests, Caroline was dropped from the show due to fears that she would reveal too much to other women.

Joe Millionaire changes the format of the dating show

Joe the millionaire has Change the format of your dating show by inviting two men and 18 women. Fans are thrilled to see which women are choosing between the two and if they decide to go for the man they think is wealthy or whoever they have the most ties to.

Fans are already in awe of the romance between Kurt Sowers and Stephen McBee. The couple instantly became friends and even danced together!

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