John Mayer and Jeff Ross pick up Bob Saget’s car from the airport

Bob Saget’s death sparked a wave of emotion around the world, and his family, friends and fans remember how wonderful he was.

And now John Mayer and Jeff Ross shared a sentimental journey with everyone.

And this is after they picked up Saget’s car from the airport.

Saget died at the age of sixty-five.

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Saget passed away on Sunday, January 9th.

He was tragically found unconscious in his hotel room at the Ritz-Carlton in Orlando.

Saget was best known for his role as Danny Tanner on the 80s sitcom. Full house

The popular sitcom ran from 1987 to 1995, with Saget later reprising the role in 2016 for the Netflix reboot. Fuller House

Fuller House ran for 4 years.

He also voiced the narrator for How I Met your mother.

Staff at the Ritz-Carlton found Saget unconscious in his hotel room.

Local authorities were called to the hotel, but Saget died at the scene.

Saget, who was halfway through a comedy tour, performed a show in Jacksonville the night before.

Posting a tweet about the show, Saget wrote that he “loved tonight’s show” and was “addicted to it again”.

Saget’s death was confirmed in a statement from the Orange County Sheriff’s Department. daily mail reports.

A police statement said they answered the “man down” call “just after 4:00 p.m.”.

“On arrival, they found a man who was not answering in the hotel room,” the report said.

“The man identified as Robert Lane Saget died at the scene.”

Police added that detectives found “no sign of foul play or drug use.”

However, they do not have any additional “information about the cause of death”.

The death of Saget was a shock to many people, including those around him.

And since the sad news came, friends, fans and colleagues began to praise the star.

Another person paying tribute to Saget is John Stamos.

Stamos played alongside Saget playing Uncle Jesse in Full house

Stamos, a longtime friend, called himself “broken” when he tweeted a touching tribute.

“I am broken. I am gutted. I am in complete and utter shock. I will never have another friend like him. I love you so much, Bobby,” he wrote.

Pete Davidson is another person who spoke about the heartbreaking passing of a stunning actor, friend, father and husband.

The American comedian, actor, and screenwriter has spoken out about his mental health in the past, saying he was “in and out” of the hospital, according to Myselfsince he was only a nine year old boy.

And with everything Davidson went through, he always had someone he could rely on.

The late Bob Saget, who, according to TMZ, he described as: “One of the nicest men on the planet.”

Chapelle recently said he’s sorry he didn’t respond to Bob Saget’s last text message.

Chapelle and Saget were very close and both supported each other through lot, including every time Saget held a fundraiser for the treatment of scleroderma.

While performing at the Peppermint Club in Vejo, Chapelle spoke sentimentally for a while.

Saying you don’t know what life might have in store for you or other people.

Speaking to his audience about the resting place of his “comrade”, he said he did not expect it to “come”.

“Dude, he just texted me and I saw the message yesterday and I never texted him back,” he began to express his regret, according to TMZ

“I was just busy. Yes it happens

“I’m just saying this to remind you that these moments are precious and when I go out at night, I’m not just hanging out, I’m making memories,” he said. continuation

“Damn it, when I go out at night, I make history,” he finished, before recounting some of the criticism he received on one of his Netflix releases.


Everyone should follow his advice. Never leave a text unread, always tell the person you love them and cherish every memory.

And well, it seems like people continue to show their endless love for Saget as John Mayer and Jeff Ross drive to the airport to pick up his car.

John Mayer, an American songwriter and entertainer, and Jeff Ross, an American stand-up comedian, recently went to pick up Saget’s Prius at the Los Angeles airport, and together they created a memory we’re sure they’ll never forget. forget.

In a video shared by John Mayer on his Instagram, the stars spoke fondly of Saget.

“I just never met a person on this earth who could individually and completely give so much love to so many people in a way that makes each person feel like the main character in their life,” Mayer began.

“He was really loved, he imagined it, he had a beautiful wife, 3 daughters, and then he turned his fake family on TV into his real family,” Ross added.

“Bob’s repeated expressions of love are the greatest gift he has left for people because all we have is the pain of his passing,” Mayer added.

They both went on to talk about how vulnerable they feel “without him in this world”, laughing at how honored it was for them to pick up his car from LA because they didn’t pick someone up from the airport “ten years” explaining this. that Saget is a special exception.

It actually cost $250 to pick up Saget’s car too. But Ross wanted to pay for it, which Mayer didn’t realize until he realized that Ross wanted to keep the receipt as a memory of Bob.

Coping with the turmoil in his life, Saget always responded by lighting up the lives of others: “He was going to smile, spread love, be childish and innocent,” Mayer explained.

But not only did they share their love for Saget’s cute personality, they also shared how funny he was.

“Right now, he would say: “Do you want to go to the rocks and eat meat?” Bob loved his steak,” Ross said.

“I wanted him to be just my brother and not make him feel like he has to take care of another person. He really cared about everyone, he cared about me.

“If you need a pastrami sandwich at 3am because some girl just broke your heart, Bob was the guy,” Ross continued.

The two also posted separate tributes to Saget on their Instagram feeds, and they were just as heartbreaking as their videos.

Ross wrote in his tribute that he wept with the Saget family.
“Yesterday I spent Bob in the kitchen crying, eating and even laughing with his amazing wife Kelly, a few of our close friends and Bob’s amazing co-stars.

“Yes, it was a full house, but without our star it was still very, very empty. Bob made everything better, and his loss did not upset me. But in a way, I think that’s the easiest part.

“The hardest thing will be the next time I need advice or encouragement or a pastrami sandwich at 2am after a breakup and my buddy Bob isn’t there to help me get through it.

“I hope everyone reading this has a friend like Bob,” he finished.

And John Mayer’s message in Saget was just as heartbreaking.

“My brother Bob was a force of nature; a big tall love monster who hugged me and laid his head on my shoulder. His love for others was always taken into account.

“He was deep, wide and wide, and he would probably joke about me saying ‘deep and wide.’ The man had a range. I’ve met a lot of people in my life, but when Bob crossed my path, I just held onto him and didn’t let go.

“I knew he was real. I want you to know that the man you’re hoping for was as amazing as you think, far beyond what you can imagine.

“He was incredibly kind. And generous. And loving. And I have something to say, so please let me do one more of this, okay? So be it,” he concluded.

Bob never clung to resentment and bitterness …

Instead, he simply spread love to everyone he knew needed it.

And for this, everyone whose hearts touched Bob Saget will be eternally grateful to him.

If you want to see all their tributes, both ups and downs, you can watch it below…

We all need to start living the way Bob Saget lived.

At this difficult time, our thoughts are with Saget’s family and friends.

Rest in peace, Bob Saget.

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