John Stamos criticizes the Tony Award for making a disparaging remark about Bob Saget in a memorial segment following his career as a Full House star on Broadway

JOHN Stamos chided Tony for missing out on the In Memoriam segment of Bob Saget.

The lifelong friends starred in Full House together, and Jon even recently honored his co-star in the Netflix special Dirty Daddy: A Tribute to Bob Saget.


Bob Saget and John Stamos attend Bob Saget’s Cool Comedy Hot Cuisine in 2019.1 credit
Bob Saget at The Drowsy Chaperone on Broadway in 2007.


Bob Saget at The Drowsy Chaperone on Broadway in 2007.1 credit

Taking to TwitterJohn, 58, shared his disappointment earlier Sunday.

The TV star tweeted: “Disappointed to hear this. @bobsaget will be eliminated from the In Memoriam segment tonight @TheTonyawards.

“Bob was great in Sleepy Companion and Hand to God. @BroadwayLeague as well as @TheWing!

“Do the right thing! Bob loved Broadway and I know society loved him.”

Later in the evening when the tribute segment was airing on the show, Bob’s name was missing, as John said.

However, several big names lost in the year have been honored, including William Hurt, Sidney Poitier and Stephen Sondheim.

While Bob gained most of his fame through roles such as Danny Tanner in Full House and the narrator in How I Met Your Mother, the actor has spent some time on the Great White Road.

In 2006 he was featured in The Drowsy Chaperone and in 2015 he joined the Hand to God ensemble.

Unfortunately, the actor also missed out on the In Memoriam segment, just two months after his shocking death.

Fans at the time took to social media to express their disappointment at the omission as some fight to cancel the awards show.

“Where was Bob Saget in memory?!?!,” wrote one of them.

“How did they forget Bob Saget?” wrote another.

“Just heard they forgot to turn on Bob Saget during In Memoriam… I can’t figure it out,” a third remarked.


Bob’s death was first announced in January 2022 to shock across the country.

At that time, the stand-up comedian was only 65 years old.

An autopsy report sent to Kristen Bell Tattoos showed that he was infected with Covid-19 at the time of his death, but that a head injury led to his death.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office told Kristen Bell Tattoos: “We can confirm that the cause of death was due to internal bleeding from the brain after it was found that Mr. Saget hit his head on something in his hotel room.

“A bruise was found on the back of his head. Neither drugs nor alcohol were found in Mr. Saget’s system.

“We believe he did not understand the severity of the internal damage inflicted and fell asleep shortly thereafter.”


Netflix’s Dirty Daddy is a brand new comedy focused on the life of Bob Saget.

The project was originally filmed at the Comedy Store shortly after his death and will feature Saget’s friends and family.

Among those featured is Saget’s former co-star and longtime friend John Stamos.

In the trailer, Stamos reads his final text messages with Saget.

“I want to read my last message from Bob,” he said.

“He said, ‘I love you so much. I’ll say that God gave me the brother I wanted.”

Stamos continued, “I said, ‘Well, you have many God-given brothers, but I’m the first, right?’

“And he said, ‘[John] Mayer is a wonderful friend, but he is more weather-friendly. You’re always there, so you’re number one.”

John Stamos got angry on Twitter


John Stamos got angry on TwitterCredit: TWITTER/ John Stamos @JohnStamos The Grand Scheme: Kidnapping Sinatra –
Bob Saget joins the cast of the Broadway play Hand to God November 6, 2015


Bob Saget joins the cast of the Broadway play Hand to God November 6, 20151 credit
Bob and wife Kelly Rizzo at the California Science Center on December 8, 2021


Bob and wife Kelly Rizzo at the California Science Center on December 8, 20211 credit
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