John Wick can go to the last frontier. Really.

How Dolls in front of him, John Wick goes into space. Or he might be, anyway. For the future of his John Wick franchise, director Chad Stahelski hasn’t ruled out any possibility for a killer hero, even if it means getting out of the atmosphere.

In an interview with, Stahelski supported the idea that the John Wick franchise would go into space. “There is a good chance that this is possible,” he said. He then extolled the freedom to work with wholly original material. “There are no limits. We don’t come from existing intellectual property, so I don’t have to follow Batman lore. I can do anything.”

Stahelski admits that Vic may eventually end up in space, but he may not be “piloting the ship” when that happens. Rather, Stahelski is looking light-years into the future, at a time when he will no longer run the franchise. “If the producers, myself included… got very smart very quickly, and we could continue to be smart about how we handled it and bring in the right people to keep it going long after my tenure. Yes. Anything can happen”. In this regard, Stahelski pointed to The Fast and the Furious as the beacon of a franchise that was able to go beyond the vision of one director.

If John Wick is destined to go to the stars, then Keanu Reeves is the perfect actor for this journey, given that he does not age. Meanwhile, Wick Reeves has things to do on Earth. Says Stahelski: “Let’s stay on the ground for now and try to keep doing good work here.”

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