Johnny Depp is being dragged out for his comments against the ‘canceled culture’

Johnny Depp has recently been the subject of some pretty poignant comments about Cancel Culture.

During his appearance at the annual San Sebastian Film Festival, Johnny Depp stunned audiences as he shared. Her passionate thoughts about canceled culture.. In a recent article, deadline Highlighted Depp’s claims. That movement has “gone too far.” Pirates of the Caribbean The actor also expressed his concerns about how such a quick decision could affect lives.

After being “canceled” in the past.Depp said: “It can be seen as an event in history that has lasted as long as this canceled culture, the amount of polluted air based on the urgency to make that decision, it’s now It’s out of my hands to do what I can. I promise you no one is safe. Not one of you. No one is out of this door. No one is safe. ”

Depp went on to point out how little time it takes to “cancel” someone. He insisted that this could be because of something as small as “one sentence”.

“It takes a sentence and there’s no more room, the carpet has been pulled. It’s not just me, it’s a lot of people,” he added. “This kind of thing has happened to men, to women. Sadly, at some point they start to think it’s normal. Or they’re the ones. When it’s not.”

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Depp’s statement appealed to fans and viewers to “stand up, don’t sit down” whenever they see injustice done to a loved one.

After the invitation speech, many people took to Twitter to curse the actor. Critics claim that their opinion comes from a place of “privilege”.

For example, a Twitter user said, “It’s ridiculous how people lived without any results. They are most against the consequences of their actions. Is it a question that the opponents are almost all white men?” ?

While another agreed, he claimed that the culture of cancellation is more about “accountability” than anything else. The Twitter user then hit Depp further, as he claimed that people who share his opinion are normal. People who have the biggest ego..

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Others seemed confused by Depp’s statement. He believed that the actor had actually taken advantage of the canceled culture as his fans raised their voices and “continued on social media”. The statement cited domestic abuse. Dispute between Depp and ex-wife Amber Heard

However, while critics dragged Depp, others agreed with his claims. Many people say that the very nature of abolitionist culture is dangerous and there is no room left to get rid of it.

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